PM Today feature Cora Systems

Cora features in PM Today project management software review

PM Today, the leading and only independent magazine for the project management sector, featured Cora in it’s monthly project management software review segment for April.

Established for more than 25 years, the magazine is widely recognised as the leading authority on project management in the UK and worldwide.

We were delighted to read that the reviewer, Charles Orton-Jones, was very impressed and that was evident in his remarks in the opening paragraph:

“The Irish project management system is a global hit……..Cora’s a fast-growing business, and is now a blue-chip platform in the Portfolio Project Management.”

The summation at the end of the review was also very positive:
“Cora Systems ProjectVision is a market leader for a good reason. The functionality is rich, and covers the full gamut of planning, scheduling, analysis, resource management, and reporting. The interface makes is easy to use. The liberal use of charts is visually attractive and makes it simple to spot issues such as cost over-runs or missed milestones.

We like the flexibility of the package. It’s possible to flip from Gantt presentation to a colour-coded Sticky Note format with a single click. Data flows across projects to provide a unified overview of operations. We set out to see whether Cora’s reputation as an enterprise-grade one-stop solution was justified, and came out genuinely impressed.”

You can read the full interview below:

Although Cora was featured in the project management software review segment the solution it provides control, governance and insight at portfolio, programme and project level. To find out how Cora can help your organization why not request a personalized demo here.

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