Cora Integration

Based on 25+ years of implementations, Cora has tackled every kind of integration scenario.

We’ll bring that experience to bear, helping you to choose the best route based on your needs.

Our solution offers you multiple ways to integrate your systems:

A Full-Featured RESTful API

Cora’s RESTful API provides programmatic access to all key PPM data, allowing customers to integrate PPM into their overall enterprise technology architecture.

Your IT development teams can easily integrate Cora into your service orientated architecture.

You can use our RESTful API to create, search and modify data in your Cora platform by using HTTP methods. With this API access, you can integrate Cora into endless applications.


Import/Export Utility

Provides users with the ability to quickly import project, task, financial and other key data into the Cora toolset. These imports can be user initiated or scheduled, facilitating both quick on-boarding for new clients and regular data updates as required.

Examples include timesheets, project details, schedules, accounting and GL data, and more.



  • Standard RESTful API that confirms to the standard of the REST architectural style
  • Significantly reduces the overhead of creating and maintaining custom integrations
  • GET, POST and PUT endpoints, providing access to the majority of project data within Cora
  • Includes industry-standard security to protect your data, including options for both OAuth 2.0 and personal access tokens
  • Self-documenting with customer accessible Swagger page


  • Import builder functionality to allow authorized users to configure and save data import templates
  • Create or update data for projects, registers, smart forms, tasks, benefit profiles, project forecast and enterprise financials
  • Once configured, an import can be saved and then scheduled to regularly import data over SFTP
  • Separate user import for quick onboarding
  • Timesheet import

Cora + Boomi iPaaS Connectivity

Cora has teamed up with Boomi, a world-leading integration platform, to enable your iPaaS Connectivity, intelligently connecting your applications and automating your workflows.

Enhance your program insights using Boomi’s low-code connectors to break down data silos by integrating on-premises and cloud applications, data sources and devices across your distributed environment. Get integrated in Cora faster.

Boomi Diagram for Software Integrations.

Benefit from the power of rapid integration across your digital ecosystem by tapping into a library of 160+ Boomi connectors.

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  • Rapid, low-code set-up, configurable within a matter of hours
  • Eliminate data and application silos in the cloud and on-premises
  • Integrate everything in your digital ecosystem, even on-premises, so you minimize disruption, reduce risk, and get more done
  • Get rid of integration challenges, so you can accelerate new business models and deliver digital products
  • Do away with excessive capital costs and the complexities of maintaining software on-premises

For more information, download our Cora + Boomi iPaaS Connectivity brochure.

Curious to See How Cora Works?

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