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Easy integration with any enterprise technology architecture

Our solution offers you multiple ways to integrate your systems:

1. Low-code, out-of-the-box connectors
2. Powerful API (application programming interface) for your R&D teams to use
3. Bespoke integration if your requirements are more complex or you don’t have your own in-house IT

Based on 20+ years of implementations, we’ve tackled every kind of integration scenario. We’ll bring that experience to bear, helping you to choose the best route based on your needs.

Cora connectors

Cora connectors allow for easy integration with your IT applications. Very little effort is expected from you to begin exchanging data with your Cora platform. With our range of connectors, we’ll enable you to join your Cora platform to a range of standard software systems. These include, for example, sales tools, document management systems, requirements management systems, financial management systems, and your collaboration tools, amongst others. Our connectors will allow you to continue using the applications your users know and love but at the same time integrate those into your Cora platform. We are continually expanding the library of connectors available.


The Cora API allows you to programmatically interact with the data in your Cora platform, allowing you to embed Cora within your service-oriented architecture (SOA), working seamlessly with external systems and data sources. Data is entered only once across your business, enabling a connected enterprise.

If a connector is not available for a particular use case, then the Cora API is an extremely powerful tool opening up communication lines for sending and receiving data from Cora and giving you total control over how this data is stored and represented in and outside of your Cora platform. The Cora API is built on a RESTful API architecture.

Documentation and guidance are provided via the API index; supplementary material is also available to take your users through typical use cases. The development of the API is an ongoing process, where your feedback and the development of new features always drive its functionality forward.

Bespoke Development

If a connector is not available or you do not have in-house IT to integrate via the API, Cora offers bespoke integrations. Our experienced business analysts and implementation consultants will work with you to understand your specific integration needs, and then develop bespoke integrations to meet them.

Ready to see how Cora works?

We know how busy you all are, so we’ve produced 3 different types of demos for you to choose from.