Chief Operating Officers

Reduce Costs and Waste, Manage Resources More Effectively.

Cora PPM helps COOs manage their resources more efficiently, so everything and everyone is where they’re meant to be, when they’re needed. Your costs and waste are kept to a minimum and each of your assets generate a better ROI.

Cora PPM Helps You:

  • Implement Strategic Workforce Planning, giving you the tools to run an inventory of your skills capacity, so you can plan where and when to deploy your employees.
  • Improve operational performance by being able to track and monitor all activities through the one, central hub. Everything is immediately updated, in real time, and all your registers are updated dynamically, allowing you to respond to any changes that require action as they happen.
  • Gain immediate buy-in across the organization because Cora has been built as a  no code / low code platform making it easy for users to configure it for themselves.
  • Mange your resources more effectively, which will reduce costs and waste and increase overall efficiency.
  • Gain confidence knowing that all cybersecurity issues are being constantly monitored and reviewed. We improve our software continuously and as soon as an update is ready, the Cora  Customer Success Team will contact you about it.
  • Integrate all your systems and software solutions, so all your processes are streamlined and everyone works in the same, standardized way.
  • Digitize and centralize all your data and documents, keeping them permanently up to date, so everything’s instantly accessible.
  • Seamlessly integrate your financial controls, resourcing, schedules and forecasting.

“It’s about visibility and about early warnings. We’re now doing this on all of our 37,000 projects. It all gets done in one tool, globally. For the first time ever, everyone’s doing it in the same way, with the same methodology, in one tool.”

-Phil Howe, Project Management Excellence Leader, Europe, Honeywell Building Solutions.

Ready to See Cora in Action?

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