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Episode 146: “Why Are Published Price Indices Important”

Dr Alexia Nalewaik from the National Radio Astronomy Observatory discusses “Why Cost Indices Are Important for Project Management”.

What’s the Difference Between Project Controls and Project Management?

What’s the difference between project controls and project management, and how do project controls prevent cost overruns?

Live Webinar: “Choosing what to green light: Project Prioritization in Biopharma"

Register for Joe Stalder’s live webinar on “Choosing what to green light: Project Prioritization in Biopharma" on Tues Oct 25th, 4pm BST

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Project Controls Expo USA takes place in Washington D.C. at the Nationals Park, between Oct 4-6. We'll be at Stand 37 to answer your questions

On-Demand Webinar: Hindsight to Foresight: How to do Project Selection right

Senior Solution Consultant Andy Yawn demonstrates how Cora can remove the guesswork from the Project Selection process

Using Working Capital to Maximize Margins

Working capital determines how healthy an enterprise organization is, funding its current and future projects. This is how you make it work.

Visit us at Project Challenge on September 27th,

Project Challenge returns to the QE11 Centre, London on Tuesday, September 27th, and Cora will be at Stand 28-30 to answer your questions

How Strategic Workforce Planning Boosts Revenue

Strategic workforce planning means your talent pool and resource capacity are aligned with your organizational objectives from the very beginning, and on a continuous basis.

Episode 145: “How To Improve Forecasting By 98%”

Kris Sprague the Head of Program and Project Planning at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals discusses: “How to Improve Forecasting by 98%”.

What are the key elements to Strategic Planning for Enterprise Organizations?

Strategic planning for enterprise organizations allows them to plan according to their capacity, improving how they manage their resources.

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