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"The 4 Biggest Challenges Facing Enterprise Organizations Today"​

What are the 4 biggest challenges enterprise organizations face right now? Get this free ebook to find out more.

Decarbonizing Heavy Industry: 3. Wooden Buildings

The engineering and construction sector is turning to timber to help us get to net zero. Here’s what you need to know about wooden buildings.

Cora Customer Advisory Board: Highlights

Highlights from our recent Customer Advisory Board event in the Leonardo Royal St. Pauls Hotel, London, featuring several clients and members of the Cora team

Decarbonising Heavy Industry: 2. Green Cement

Decarbonising heavy industry means moving to green cement. Here’s why and how.

Episode 148: “5 Tips To Accelerate Digital Transformation”

Jeff Hopkins, Honeywell's Global Program Management Office leader and Program Management Office leader for Honeywell Intelligrated shares five tips to accelerate digital transformation

Digital Transformation Strategy Guide launched

This digital transformation strategy guide is built on James Deane's extensive experience in the enterprise business sector, helping organizations achieve competitive advantage and sustainable growth through business transformation programs.

Episode 147: “Keys to Effective Project Prioritization in Biopharma”

Joe Stalder, who has over 10 years of experience managing drug development projects for various companies including Pfizer, Roche, and AstraZeneca, discusses “Keys to Effective Project Prioritization in Biopharma”.

Keys to Effective Project Prioritization in Biopharma

Learn the 4 keys to effective project prioritization and how to avoid pitfalls when it comes to guaranteeing project profitability

Decarbonising Heavy Industry: 1. Green Steel

Renewable technologies are set to transform the iron and steel industry and help manufacturing companies maximize margins. Here’s how.

The 3 Biggest Challenges for the Biopharma Industry

The 3 biggest challenges for the biopharma industry and how technology can help.

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