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Cora PPM enables the execution of strategically-aligned project portfolios that transform organizations, delivering key business benefits and ROI.
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Cora PPM provides complete Control, Governance and Insight

Cora PPM is an enterprise portfolio and project management platform that provides the functionality required to make informed decisions via a centralized system that brings together portfolios, programs, organizations, strategies, resources and projects across the enterprise – providing a single version of the truth.

Digitize & Streamline

Digitize & Streamline Business Processes

Digitize your portfolio, program and project processes, surfacing information when and where it's needed.
Centralize & Consolidate

Centralize & Consolidate Systems

Integrate with any enterprise system - providing an immediate, consolidated view of project portfolios and deliverables.

Project & Program Prioritization

Gain the control, governance and insight required to identify, prioritize and authorize portfolios that align to strategy and deliver ROI.
Do More with Less

Do More with Less

Increase efficiency, decrease cost & automate workflows by centralizing the management of projects to one, intuitive system.
Power Transformation

Power Transformation

Power transformation by rolling out future-proofed, strategically-aligned projects which use optimal resources & deliver maximum impact.

Ensuring delivery success and accelerate speed to market, transforming strategic vision into reality.

Providing the ability to integrate a variety of delivery systems in order to share information, report to agencies and provide health services to their patients.

Consolidating all information required to make better-informed decisions, budgetary adjustments, service changes and project prioritization.

Providing a holistic view of infrastructure, asset and project information and their interdependencies.


Complete control, governance and insight for Enterprise Project Management Offices (EPMO) in Consulting, ICT, Transport, Utilities, Financial Services and Exploration.

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Trusted by leading organizations

Cora works with leading organizations around the world across an array of industries, including life sciences, healthcare, government, engineering, construction and more.

Cora PPM offers a suite of functionality to suit a wide range of requirements.

Our highly functioning components can be packaged and paired to suit the specific needs of our clients.

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