Project Portfolio Management Software for Enterprise Organizations

Cora Project Portfolio Management software empowers large enterprise organizations to radically reduce costs and waste so their profits and revenue soar.

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Cora PPM is the Software of Choice for Some of the World’s Most Successful Enterprise Organizations

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The Cora Software Solution Will Transform the Way Your Organization Operates

Cora provides the power of predictability to enterprise organizations, enabling them to successfully plan and manage projects, profitably.

Cora Project and Portfolio Management Software Solutions




Project Portfolio Management Software

The essentials required to automate your Project Management Office, providing you with the ability to plan, prioritize, execute and evaluate your project portfolios.

Cora Project and Portfolio Management Software Solutions




Strategic Portfolio Management Software

The strategic capabilities to optimize capacity, prioritize and track the benefits of your business plan, inform all stakeholders and integrate across the business technologies to achieve maximum performance from your portfolios of work.

Project Control Tower

Predictive, Actionable Insight Across Your Enterprise

Cora connects complex ecosystems, streamlines processes and centralizes data providing the complete control, governance and insight required to track performance and protect margins, effortlessly, from quote to cash.

The Value Cora Delivers:

Enterprise-Wide Visibility and Consistency

Digitize your portfolio, programs and projects and streamline your processes to create a standardized work process that delivers operational efficiencies across the enterprise.

Controlled Governance and Compliance

Get complete control and governance across your programs and safeguard your enterprise with secure document management, logical workflows and automatically generated audit trails.

Better Margins and Profitable Growth

Ensure projects and programs are delivered on time and on budget by optimizing your resources and deploying your workforce more effectively, to increase growth and maximize margins.

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Reduce Costs and Increase Revenue

Unleash Savings Supercharged: Unveil Your Potential with Our Value Assessment Calculator

Harness the Power of Centralized Data and Streamlined Processes for Unprecedented Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness.

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