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The Growing Need for OKR Software & Tools in 2022

OKR software tools help you to plan, measure, and evaluate outcomes, so you can improve your processes and achieve aggressive goals.

How can we achieve sustainability when managing our projects?

Cora CEO Philip Martin examines what organizations need to do in order to deliver projects in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly manner

What is OKR? Your Guide to OKR Planning

OKRs allow you to ensure alignment within your organization, keep your team focused on measurable goals, and track progress.

Performance Baseline Measurements and Getting Healthcare Projects Right

In this blog, we examine the importance of establishing a Performance Measurement Baseline and its use in delivering Healthcare projects

Media Release: Cora Systems Appoints John Fitzgerald as CFO

Cora is delighted to announce the appointment of our new Chief Financial Officer

Live Webinar: "Empowering Strategy Realization Using OKRs"

How OKRs can power your organization's strategy realization initiatives? Register for our webinar on December 8th at 5 pm GMT to learn more

First Patients, Now Organizations: Digital Transformation in Healthcare

In this blog, we examine the impact of Digital Transformation in Healthcare and see what leading experts have to say

8 Tips for Better Resource Capacity Planning

An essential part of planning any project is to match the available resources with the jobs to be done, identify gaps in resources, and fill the gaps.

OKRs and the Future of Work

What are OKRs? In this blog, we provide an overview of OKRs and how they can help achieve strategic objectives

Managing and Implementing Healthcare Projects: The Checklist

In this blog, we break down NHS England's four pillars for managing or implementing a healthcare project

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