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Strategic Portfolio Management Software

Significantly improve your resource capacity and financial planning with that bird’s-eye view into your portfolio

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Become even more competitive

We empower enterprise organizations to plan and manage their long-term projects and portfolios.

Everything you do and make is delivered on time and on budget, thanks to our seamless integration of your schedules, your financial controls and any existing processes.

So your costs and waste go down and your margins and revenue soar.

We make you the ‘control tower’

We gather all the data that each of your projects generates and organize them into one, central system. While the processes that your business units and teams all use are seamlessly integrated into that same system.

So you get to orchestrate and monitor each of those individual projects, and to plan for your portfolio as a whole. Which will hugely improve your capacity planning and resource management.

Your problems, our solutions

We understand your pains. For over two decades, we’ve helped enterprise organizations manage their portfolios and plot their strategy so that they operate far more efficiently and much more profitably. We’d love to do the same for you.
The problem:
Keeping projects on budget, on time
We make it easy to monitor and control your budget, schedule, progress, performance, and forecasting in a single, intuitive system.
The solution:
The problem:
It’s difficult to decide what projects should be prioritized.
We make it easy for you to define and apply your own standard criteria to projects. You can evaluate them based on a range of factors, including strategic impact, using our repeatable, reliable, and robust portfolio-scoring mechanism, and decide which project(s) should be prioritized.
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How to save millions on your bottom line

Companies can lose hundreds of millions of euro by not selecting the correct projects. This guide will help you understand the benefits of smart portfolio planning and how to produce better business outcomes.
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Strategic Portfolio Management - FAQs
What is Strategic Portfolio Management?
  • Strategic portfolio management (SPM) is about selecting and prioritizing your portfolio of projects so you maximize their profitability, which includes strict resource management and reporting capabilities.
  • It is about selecting the right projects to work on, based on the company’s corporate goals, i.e., focusing on the most profitable projects and learning to discard unprofitable projects early in their lifecycles.
How is it different to Project Portfolio Management?
  • Strategic portfolio management (SPM) is about selecting the right projects to work on so your company makes profitable investment decisions with its project portfolio. In contrast, project portfolio management (PPM) is about the execution and management of each individual project.
  • The difference in focus between SPM and PPM manifests itself in several ways, i.e. project selection (SPM) vs. project completion (PPM); return on investment (SPM) vs. cost management (PPM); faster decision-making (SPM) vs. compliance (SPM), etc.
What are the pillars of Strategic Portfolio Management?

Our Strategic Portfolio Management solution is built on four fundamental pillars

  • Inventory: Easily gather all the information necessary to make data-driven decisions about the portfolio
  • Analyze: Make logical portfolio choices – eliminating duplicates, skill-matching of plants/sites, and simple “Go/No-Go” decisions
  • Balance: Run Scenario Analysis to strategically align the Portfolio and maximize resource utilization through capacity what-ifs
  • Execute: Manage the portfolio, executing its projects successfully and feeding back progress, via visual dashboards to the Portfolio Board
What are the key "best practices" for Strategic Planning?
  • A key pillar of strategy execution is in distilling a company’s strategic vision into a tangible portfolio of projects before the strategic plan is published.
  • A good strategy realization office (SRO) will be flexible, i.e. it will be in tune with the organization’s pulse and be able to quickly rebalance the project portfolio as strategy evolves and changes, possessing a radar to detect early over-investment in low-value projects.
What management tools does Cora offer?
  • Resource Management: Plan the resource requirements for each project—track variation between planned and actual resources.
  • Finance Tools: Manage project finances from initial estimate through to actual spend.
  • Dashboards: Project and program dashboards visualize the health of a portfolio, highlighting any issues.
  • Benefits Realization: Plan and track benefits realization across the organization.
  • Strategic Capacity Management: Easily understand requirements for the year ahead and maximize usage of global resource pools.
What factors influence Portfolio Analysis in Strategic Management?
  • What projects should we prioritize?
  • What are the consequences of not delving into a particular project?
  • Do we have a realistic financial cost and resource estimate for each strategic objective?
  • Have we identified and resourced the projects that are most critical to the strategic vision?