Strategic Portfolio Management Software

Improve your resource capacity and financial planning with that bird’s-eye view into your portfolio

strategic portfolio management software

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Experience the following benefits using Cora SPM Software

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Translate your business strategy into an actionable portfolio.


Based on strategic criteria; analyze and select the best initiatives.


Implement the best aligned projects by allocating budget and resources that provide maximum business impact.

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Manage approved projects to completion with full visibility over deliverables, timescales, scheduling and progress.

Portfolio Selection

Auto-select the preferred portfolio based on your criteria and compare alternatives, ensuring your portfolio delivers the maximum return.

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Using criteria, based on your requirements to score and weight projects, slice-and-dice data to come up with a repeatable, reliable and robust portfolio scoring mechanism.

Scenario Planning

Make portfolio balancing easy, while ensuring strategic alignment, capacity planning and global efficiencies across the enterprise.

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Data-Driven Decision Making

Increase return on investment, eliminate “CEO-specials” or “good-hunch” and enable decisions on the portfolio to be made with clarity and without guesswork.

Top Down Budgeting

Logically split budget across your portfolios. Easily track forecasting from execution against portfolio budgets to measure performance.
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Benefits Realization

Plan and track benefit realization across the organization.


“Improvement to bottom line”



“Increase in planned savings annually”

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“Increase in net profit on projects” (representing $Ms in savings)


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