OKRs Explained

Project Management advisor and TU Dublin Lecturer John McGrath presents a 16-part video series covering the A-Z of OKRs. 

OKR’s Explained: Introduction


This series of 16 x 2-3 minute videos looks at:

  • How you implement OKRs in an organization.
  • How you connect the head and the heart of employees as you unite them around a common purpose.
  • OKRs as a strategy execution model.
  • OKRs in terms of goal setting, in terms of the importance of having “roof-shots”, but also “moon-shots” in the OKR space.
  • The concept that it’s okay to fail in OKRs.
  • Superpowers of OKRs; how to give people a sense of purpose that goes beyond the paycheck.
  • OKRs in terms of how they support and connect employees in a remote or hybrid working environment
  • OKRs as they assist organizations in dealing with the volatile operating business environment that we are in today.