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OKRs Explained: Master class

- A video masterclass

You've heard about OKRs but how can they improve your organization?

OKRs explained by Project Management advisor and lecturer John McGrath. All of your questions will be answered in this 16-part bite-sized video series.


In this masterclass on OKRs over a series of 16 videos, we will be looking at the A to Z of OKRs.

We will be looking at how you implement OKRs in an organization. How you connect the head and the heart of employees as you unite them around a common purpose.

We’ll be looking at OKRs as a strategy execution model.

We’ll be looking at OKRs in terms of goal setting, in terms of the importance of having “roof-shots”, but also “moon-shots” in the OKR space.

We’ll be looking at the concept that it’s OK to fail in OKRs.

We will be looking at the superpowers of OKRs; how to give people a sense of purpose that goes beyond the paycheck.

We will be looking at OKRs in terms of how they support and connect employees in a remote or hybrid working environment and we will be looking at OKRs as they assist organizations in dealing with the volatile operating business environment that we are in today.

My name is John McGrath and I look forward to seeing you over the next 16 videos. Thanks for watching.