Financial Services Project Management Software

Cora’s project management software has been designed to help financial services companies address specific pain points around project prioritization, regulatory compliance and cybersecurity issues.

Project Portfolio Management Software for Financial Services

Cora ensures all your assets and resources are deployed effectively so your portfolio generates its optimum ROI.
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Improve Capacity Planning

Cora Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) functionality ensures your capacity planning is better aligned with current and future demand, and the Scenario Comparison tools help you explore what-if scenarios to improve project prioritization and selection.

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Secure Document Management with Reliable Audit Trail

Your data and documents are digitized and organized in the one, central hub, ensuring all regulatory and compliance requirements are up to date and easy to access, and there’s a clear and reliable audit trail for everything because all actions are time and user stamped.

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Better Labor and Resource Management

Cora Resource Management functionality enables you to manage your assets and resources more effectively, and to conduct strategic workforce planning to ensure the right people are deployed on the right projects.

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Up to Date Secure Cybersecurity

We invest heavily in AI and in all technological advances and our software solution is constantly updated to equip it with the latest deterrents and safety features to securely combat any and all cybersecurity threats.

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Secure Document Management with Reliable Audit Trail

Cora ‘Project Portals’ functionality mean you can easily and precisely control what each user has access to and can view on their dashboard, to ensure that third party subcontractors don’t necessarily have the same view as, say, your senior management team.

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Configured For You, Then By You

Because Cora has been designed as a ‘no code, low code’ platform our team will begin by configuring for you so that it does exactly what you need it to. Then, once you go ‘live’, users can further configure it for themselves by dragging and dropping whatever they need into interactive and intuitive templates.

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Find out more about how Cora helps financial services companies in this video.

The Value Cora Generates


“Improvement to bottom line”



“Increase in planned savings annually”

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“Increase in net profit on projects” (representing $Ms in savings)


Ready to See Cora in Action?


The Cora platform has a suite of software solutions for financial services companies.

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What Our Clients Say

“One of the things I’m seeing a lot of value from with Cora is getting all our risks and opportunities, and being able to track all of our change orders with our customers, in one place… I can just log into Cora and open up that dashboard.”

– Jeff Hopkins, Vice president, Global PMO and Intelligrated PMO,Honeywell


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Finanical Services Project Management Software FAQ’s

Why use Financial Services Project Management Software?

Financial services project management software provides streamlined project planning and execution, enhanced collaboration, regulatory compliance, efficient resource allocation, real time tracking, cost management, document management and integration with finance systems. It helps organizations achieve project success, ensure compliance, optimize resources and advance financial services initiatives.

What are the Benefits of Financial Services Project Management Software?

By centralizing all your data and integrating all your systems and processes, you give everyone instant visibility into all your operations. This provides you with granular visibility into each individual project, as well as that bird’s-eye view into your portfolio as a whole.

What are some of the Key Features of Financial Services Project Management Software?

  • One of the most valuable features our software solution provides is the earned value management (EVM) metrics embedded into all our products, enabling you to track and monitor your planned costs and schedule against your actual costs and delivery.Furthermore, because Cora has been designed and built as a ‘no code, low code’ platform  you will enjoy immediate buy-in from everyone across your organization.

Can the Software be Integrated with Other Products?

Crucially, our software can be seamlessly integrated with any existing processes or software platforms. So whatever systems you employ will be coordinated and organized through one central hub. Making you the control tower orchestrating all your activities.