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Environmental, Social, and Governance Programme Software

Helping you keep your Environmental, Social, and Governance projects on track

Your ESG Programme Challenge

Every day, there is greater urgency for organizations to step up their sustainability efforts through Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) programs. This pressure creates an administrative burden, but it also presents an opportunity to change the way your projects are run. If this switch is managed correctly, it can help streamline your project management as well as impact the success of your sustainability efforts.

On the ground, your challenges are numerous. Your organization needs to secure investment from private investors but you must provide evidence of committing to improving your local communities through socially positive projects. The regulator looms over your work, as you’re subject to regular auditing of your firm’s governance and responsible environmental standards. You don’t have time to gather data from various systems, people and project portfolios to calculate your environmental and social impacts, the kind of reporting required for monthly and quarterly reports at board level.

Do these ESG programme challenges sound familiar?

In this video, Alex is a PMO Director for a large multi-national manufacturing & engineering firm. He needs to provide evidence of robust governance before a big investor presentation, but he struggles with time to collate data from various systems, people and project portfolios to assess his company’s environmental and social impacts. Cora’s Software solution for ESG programme can get him out of a jam.

Cora’s ESG software solution

With the power of Cora’s ESG software functionality, you can ensure executive expectations and employee realities are aligned. Cora will put a solution in place for your project team members to easily capture – and communicate – issues and risks, not just the outcomes of projects. Cora will provide your company with a platform that can act as your North Star, facilitating the education of project leaders and project teams about standards and policies that will help to drive ESG – all from dynamic dashboards and intuitive reporting mechanisms.


  • Graphical dashboards and drill-down capabilities to see information in real time from project teams
  • ESG Assessment dashboard shows which projects are categorized as IDEAL, IMPROVEMENT NEEDED & INADEQUATE, based on ESG scoring criteria
  • Ratings can be linked to project metrics like priority, budget, performance, status and categorization
  • Ratings created at project initiation, enabling your PMO to easily select projects with higher ESG scores
  • Interactive ESG dashboards across the organization, enabling senior management to immediately see projects’ ESG assessment ratings in their portfolio

Benefits of Cora’s ESG Software Solution

  • Improve ESG rating of your projects, thanks to increased visibility
  • Assess each project through rigorous ESG reporting, producing suitability scores and ratings
  • Performance rolls up to PMO- and C-level dashboards, ensuring projects deliver on their commitments
  • Access ‘What if’ scenarios for portfolio delivery, prompting the best option for your ESG rating
  • Evidence-based dashboards and audit trails, guaranteeing evidence of good governance business practices
  • Instantly glean insight and evidence of your company’s ESG programme status before major investor meetings