Working capital management

Speed up invoicing thanks to centralized data kept permanently up to date in real time

Much more efficient invoicing

One of the biggest problems that enterprise organizations face is the volume of unbillable hours that mount up. Timesheets and workflows are managed differently in different parts of the organization.

Our software cleans all of that up for you. All your systems and process are streamlined and integrated into the one system. Everyone works off of the same facts and figures. So your invoices get turned around quicker and you get paid faster.

So your working capital gets turned around much more effectively.

Orchestrate your supply chain

When something gets delayed somewhere along your supply chain, for whatever reason, it has knock on effects everywhere. Invoices get delayed, delaying client approvals and payment.

From now on, you’ll be able to track and monitor everything, and in real time. So when anything happens to your parts, materials or fixed assets, you find out about it immediately. And can take action.

Which means you get to manage your working capital much more efficiently.

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