Chief Technology Officers

Accelerate Digital Transformation and Boost Growth and Revenue.

Cora PPM helps CTOs implement digital transformation at speed, and in a way that guarantees organizational buy-in. Allowing you to efficiently match capacity planning with resource management and successfully deliver on your strategic objectives.

Cora PPM Helps You:

  • Get immediate organizational buy-in as a result of our no code / low code platform making Cora’s software intuitive and easy to use.
  • Benefit by being able to see everything visually, in easy-to-read graphs and Gantt charts, allowing you to explore what-if scenarios and analyze trade-offs. Which provides valuable insights into project prioritization, and helps drive revenue growth through digital transformation initiatives.
  • Gives you the tools to analyze and measure the outcomes of the decisions you take and the investments you make, so you can track KPIs and quantify their success in terms of results achieved.
  • Improve operational performance by being able to track and monitor all activities through the one, central hub.
  • Mange your resources more effectively, which will reduce costs and waste and increase overall efficiency, ensuring you successfully deliver on your organizational strategic objectives.6.
  • Digitize and centralize all your data and documents, keeping them permanently up to date, so everything’s instantly accessible.
  • Seamlessly integrate your financial controls, resourcing, schedules and forecasting.
  • Integrate all your systems and software solutions, so all your processes are streamlined and everyone works in the same, standardized way.

“We have a lot of different projects, that deal with quality systems, new technologies, new efficiencies, and Cora has been the tool that we have used. Cora is helping us to be successful.”

– Alejandro Gutierrez, Senior Engineer, Boston Scientific

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