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Make Sure Your PPM Solution Is a No-Code/Low-Code Platform

Why we made Cora PPM a no code/ low code platform and the huge benefits that gives you.

According to Forbes magazine1,

“The no-code/low-code platform market will grow almost 20% in 2023, with low-code application platforms (LCAP) specifically reaching almost $10bn in revenue.”
– Forbes

Cora, the no-code/low-code platform

As the name implies, a no-code/low-code platform operates on two levels, so that effectively it gets configured twice. First, we can configure the back end of the platform so that it’s more precisely designed to fit your exact needs. That’s the low code.

So once you decide to go with Cora, because you want to digitize all your data and documents, and to have all your processes integrated into the one, central system, we’ll walk you through the first of those two stages.

A partnership approach

We begin by sitting down with you to find out exactly what your main pain points are. If you’re in the manufacturing sector or the engineer-to-order space, then syncing your supply chain is going to be one of your key drivers. But if you’re in, say, construction, then you’re also going to be focused on keeping all your costs down, and on delivering your projects on schedule.

Once our business analysts have fully understood how your business operates and the ways your processes and systems function, we’ll be able to reconfigure Cora so that it does precisely what you need it to. And to then walk you through the implementation process.

As a matter of fact, that’s exactly why we developed Cora as a no-code/low-code platform in the first place. Because we believe this process of collaboration and consultation is fundamental if you want to transform an organization, and help it move up to the next level.

Then, once that process is in train, we’ll appoint a Dedicated Customer Success Team to support and mentor you and your team, so you can learn from our experience and lean on our expertise.

And because we’ve been working with customers for more than twenty years now, it’s more than likely that we’ve come up against whatever your issues are before. Either way, we’ll put a team in place to work with you extensively, so that Cora does exactly what you want and need it to.

Cora – “famously easy to use”

Then, once you ‘go live’ that second stage of configuration can begin. Because any of your users (the ones you give permission to) will be able to further configure it, by dragging and dropping whichever one of the features they want changed, moved or modified. Which is the no-code part.

So when, for instance, you’re setting the parameters and fields for the template you want to set up when you, or anyone else, goes to create a new project, you can just drag and drop any of the elements you want included, what risks or opportunities, how to weight your ESG metrics, your strategic goals, etc, exactly as you want them.

So whenever you begin that particular type of project, you’ll be constructing it in exactly the same way. And so will everyone else.

Say hello to the Cora Assistant

Easier said than done? Not with the Cora Assistant, it genuinely couldn’t be easier. We’ve put a lot of thought into designing our assistant so people who’d usually be nervous about even trying to see what that little box in the top right-hand corner of the screen does.

As soon as you click it, it assumes that the page or function you want to change is the one you’ re on, and before you know it you’ll be trying all sorts of things around whatever it was that you wanted to do. And suddenly you’ll be telling everyone else in the canteen about just how easy it is to use.

What’s more, we’ve also created Cora Focus to perform a regular business value assessment. So we can make sure you continue to benefit from all the improvements that are continually being made across the platform, in the form of updates and any technological advances.

We’ve invested heavily, and very deliberately, in our UX and UI to make sure our platform grows organically, and is as easy and simple to use as it possibly can be. So the moment you log onto your dashboard, everything you want to see there is right in front of you. Because practically everything is configurable.

So as soon as your team start using it, you’ll very quickly see the emergence of cheerleaders dying to tell their colleagues about how much easier doing their job has suddenly become. Not just because of what Cora allows them to do, but because it’s so easy and intuitive to use.

Designing a product that’s incredibly good at what it does is all very well. But it’s basically useless if people aren’t completely comfortable actually using it. So we’ve put as much effort into making sure that Cora is as simple to use as everyone says it is, as we have into making sure it does exactly what you need it to.

Hence that quote. Because it really is “famously easy to use”.

But the best way to appreciate any of that is to actually see it in action. So book a demo now and see for yourself.


An Introduction To No-Code/Low-Code Platforms: Seven Things You Should Know”  by Forbes