Cora delighted to announce a partnership agreement with Irish Rail to use the Cora platform as its project portfolio management solution

Chief Executive Officers

Generate growth, improve your margins and revenue

Grow Revenue

Once all your data is centralized and your processes are streamlined and integrated, you’ll have a much more accurate picture of exactly where your organization is. Our software solution;

  • Gives you that 30,000 foot, bird’s-eye view of your portfolio, so you know what to prioritize and what to put on hold
  • Means you spot problems quicker thanks to the EVM metrics in all our products, so you react faster, reducing costs
  • Gives you granular visibility into each project, which mean less waste and lower costs, better margins and more revenue

Improve culture

As Peter Drucker famously put it, “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. The happier people are about where they work, the more successfully that organization will function. Our software solution;

  • Is famously intuitive and easy to use, so employees adopt quickly and are happy to demo to colleagues
  • Can be easily configured for, and by them and you
  • Standardizes your processes so everyone works off the same data, which are updated in real time, keeping everyone constantly up to speed
  • Improves all internal communication, which acts a powerful cultural glue

Lead by example

As customers and employees alike are becoming increasingly focused on the environment and social issues, CEOs across the globe are moving to ‘stakeholder capitalism’. Where what organizations do, and how they do it is as much about their customers and employees as it is about their shareholders. Our software solution;

  • Gathers all your ESG metrics in the one place, so they’re easy to access and always up to date
  • Significantly improves your resource allocation, reducing waste and costs
  • Allows you to track everything as it moves through your supply chain, so you can anticipate problems and operate more efficiently
  • Gives you immediate visibility into every stage of every project

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