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Why are you looking to implement a software solution? Do you want to improve net revenue margin? Can you identify early those projects that are destined to fail and those that will succeed? Are you looking to improve your ratio of cash-flow days? We want to help solve the problems that are hampering your corporate strategy. We can only do that by listening closely to you.

That’s why our Business Value Office (BVO) will conduct a rigorous value assessment so we can fully understand your challenges and engineer the best possible solution to meet your needs. You know your business best. We will be guided by you. You’ll see immediate benefits from this collaborative approach, working closely with our Business Value Principals, who will be assigned to your engagement.

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Cora Assistant Customer Success

The Cora Assistant

Embedded within your application, the Cora Assistant consists of a standard library of 120+ intelligent guides.

Its context-based, how-to guides will become part of your everyday experience – from onboarding through to ongoing upskilling. It will enable new and existing users to be more productive, which will transform their user experience with Cora.

The Cora Assistant is also an invaluable communications tool, which will help to digitally maintain your conversation with the Cora team.

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Cora Focus

Managed Services To Fully Unlock Your Platform Investment

Are you a customer who is starting out on your journey with Cora? Perhaps you’re a mature user of the Cora platform who needs to evolve and grow because your business processes have changed over time.
Some of those business processes might need to be digitized. Whatever your staging post, Cora Focus is here to guide you with a roadmap to success.

By leveraging the Cora Focus review process, we’ll deliver a set of value-based recommendations, which will ensure you fully unlock all the potential with your investment in Cora.

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