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Resource Management Software

Cora's Resource Management Software solution helps users deploy assets and resources much more efficiently to maximize their margins and increase revenue

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The right people on the right projects

One of the main reasons so many projects go off track is that people end up being deployed on projects that they’re either over-qualified for, or inadequately trained for. Data is uncoordinated, inaccurate and unreliable, so no one knows what the actual capacity is or how best to deploy the resources.

That’s where we come in. By centralizing all your data and streamlining all you processes, we make you the ‘control tower’, orchestrating each of your projects and overseeing your portfolio. So resources and demand are aligned and everyone ends up exactly where they need to be.

Keeping it simple

Managing your resources isn’t difficult or even complicated. But as organizations grow, the way they store and organize all their data and documents becomes increasingly chaotic. What we do is to impose order on all of that.

We take whatever processes you currently use and integrate them into one central system. So everyone is working in the same standardized way. And everybody can see exactly where they are and how each project is progressing.

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