Project Portfolio Management Software

Cora PPM Entreprise software makes you the ‘Control Tower’, effortlessly orchestrating your portfolio of projects.

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Designed for Enterprise Business

Cora PPM Enterprise Software Provides the Following Benefits

Configured for you by you

Highly flexible due to its no code / low code configurability, easily adapting to your business needs.

Standardize Processes

Integrate your business streamlined system, so all your data and documents are kept permanently up to date.

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Centralize your data

Get immediate visibility into everything, wherever you are. It’s all there on your dashboard.

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Reduce Deviation

Get rid of those gaps between planned and actual costs and delivery, so you can be confident of continually maximizing your margins.

Control Tower

Cora PPM Makes You The Control Tower

With Cora managing your projects and portfolios, everything you do gets delivered on time and on budget.

Cora PPM Enterprise Software seamlessly integrates with your financial controls, your schedules and any existing technology stack.

Enterprise-Wide Consistency Across your Projects and Programs

Digitize your portfolio, program and project processes driving global, consistent ways of working which deliver efficiencies and drive best-practice.

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Single Source of Truth

Connecting your enterprise ecosystem by integrating, centralizing, and consolidating your project and program data. Delivering end-to-end visibility and eliminating the need for legacy systems.

Controlled Governance and Compliance

Complete control, governance and insight across your projects and programs. Safeguard your enterprise with compliant reporting, secure document management, workflows, and audit trails.

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Cora PPM Software Resource Allocation

Maximize Project and Program Margins to Drive Profitable Growth at Scale

Ensure delivery on time and on budget through operational excellence and real-time insight. Enabling revenue growth and cost optimization opportunities.

Cora PPM Mobile

Cora PPM Go: Your Mobile Project Management Solution. Access, update, and manage projects on the go. Dashboards provide insights on resources, progress, and documents. Simplify risk, issues, actions, and tasks.


“Improvement to bottom line”



“Increase in planned savings annually”

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“Increase in net profit on projects” (representing $Ms in savings)


Ready to See How Cora Works?

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