Project Controls by Cora

Project controls software is the difference between a costly, overdue project and a project delivered on time and within budget. Managing and integrating cost, schedule, and other data to proactively monitor and control projects.

strategic portfolio management software

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We understand project controls activity and project methodologies differ by industry and by geography. Project controls software solutions should reflect this.

What challenges are faced by project controllers?

For over 20 years, Cora’s project control solution has given our clients an holistic view of project costs, data, project information and their inter-dependencies. With each engagement we have learned about the challenges faced by project controllers and used that learning to improve our solution. Read below some problems our real-world clients faced – and overcame.
The problem:
Keeping projects on budget, on time
The problem:
Data sets from multiple systems = lacking the full picture

Cora provides your people who work in project controls environments with the information and functionality required to add value to your organization by proactively managing projects and pre-empting issues.

  • Live data, embedded BI and rapid reporting
  • Project planning tools for all methodologies
  • Financial integration and budget management
  • Risk identification tools
  • Track your change requests and their history
  • Track progress and manage performance
  • Gain insight into actual and committed costs instantly
  • Resulting in Greater control, governance and insight

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