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Project Controls Software is the difference between a costly, overdue project and a project delivered on time and within budget.

Managing and integrating cost, schedule, and other data to proactively monitor and control projects

Cora PPM provides people who work in project controls environments with the information and functionality required to add value to their organization by proactively managing projects and pre-empting issues:

Get the Full Picture, Instantly

One of the biggest challenges that project controls staff face is sourcing the information they need when they need it. Cora PPM’s embedded “BI” and analytics functionality provides live data via a series of customizable dashboard widgets. See Forecasts, WIPs, KPIs, and more instantly and drill-down to focus on any issues.

Standard company-wide reports, such as project budget reports, can be generated in minutes using our highly customizable reporting functionality.

Cora Project Dashboard PPM Solutions

Project Planning Tools

The project plan, whether that’s a charter, schedule, work breakdown structure, or cost estimate provides the baseline. Did you know that Cora PPM is methodology agnostic? This means that the product is not structured to align to a particular way of thinking, allowing an organization to use any Project Management methodology of their choosing or combine elements from a number of the “traditional” methods.

Budget Management

Integrating the budget into the project tasks allows you to calculate costs accurately and understand variances, providing transparent data for the senior management and team members and serves as a benchmark throughout.
Financial Management Budget Management Project Controls
Project Controls Software Risk Management

Risk Management

Identifying risks early on, continuously monitoring and developing contingency plans to mitigate risks and issues reduces impact on budget and schedule.

Change Management

Track changes, with a full and thorough audit trail, and understand their impact with a clear process of evaluation, approval, and accountability that can help projects remain on a planned trajectory.
Change Management

Track Progress and Manage Performance

Use customizable activity steps to track the progress of your projects’ deliverables through the full project lifecycle from design to closure. Increase project success rates by leveraging key performance indicators such as EVM that monitor the health of your project.


Compare actual and committed costs to gain insight into the accuracy of estimates and enable faster response and corrective actions when a projects begins to deviate.
Project Controls Software Forecasting

More Than a Software Solution

We understand that project controls activity and project methodologies differ by industry and by geography and project controls software solutions should reflect this.

We commit to developing a deep understanding of your business challenges and delivering bespoke project controls software solutions that address your needs.

We then co-design and implement that solution using a partnership approach.

What Are the Challenges Faced by Project Controllers?

For over 20 years Cora’s Project Control Software solution has given organizations an holistic view of project costs, data, project information and their inter-dependencies. With each engagement we have learned the challenges faced by Project Controls Managers and used that learning to improve our solution. Read below some of the challenges our real-world clients faced.  

Our client required a solution to support a number of challenges: around consolidating systems, standardizing processes, project deviation, resource/capacity management, and financial control.

Cora Capabilities:

Cora PPM provided our client with the tools to monitor and control budget, schedule, progress, performance, and forecast all in a single, intuitive system


  • By using our centralized system, our client was able to reduce project deviation from €40 million to €2.5million within 18 months.
  • Visibility has increased across all projects with specific dashboards and reports displaying key project and financial data, giving the client’s team instant, accurate project status updates
  • Early warning signs are available through a number of compliance indicators which is helping to reduce project/budget deviation
  • Our client has reduced their systems from 22 to less than 7, all of which directly integrate with Cora PPM

Before installing Cora PPM, our client had multiple data sets from multiple systems, e.g. P6 for scheduling, risk management systems, Oracle Aconex for information distribution, MS Excel spreadsheets. What the client didn’t have was the one location that project executives could go to see all the information instantly.

Capabilities Cora Brings

Cora PPM has given our client the view into project data it was looking for. It has also provided consistency – so it has a coherent approach to managing each project.


  • Reduced Training: In addition to helping with governance, the Cora solution provides a standard mechanism for our client to manage its data, which means it’s easier for new staff to come on board the Northern Estates programme with minimal training.
  • Single View Of The Truth: “With Cora PPM, we can now hold time, cost, risks, issues, commercial data in a platform that is accessible and easily digestible. We chose Cora for those reasons. It takes project information from disparate sources and providing it in an easy-to-read reporting format.” (PPM Technical Lead)
  • Reduced Time Reporting: Measurable results in cutting time to report, e.g.
    a. Time spent reporting each month cut from 10 hours to seconds
    b. Time spent compiling project lists cut from 2-3 weeks to minutes
    c. 1000s of projects in a single view
  • Smarter Decisions: “It allows us to drill down into information and gives our senior management the key decision-making information so they can make informed decisions on all our schemes.” (PMO Services Director)
  • Better Governance: “It facilities a consistent approach across a portfolio of projects and allows us to have good governance across a series of projects in a consistent manner.” (PMO Services Director)
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