Chief Information Officers

Accelerate Digital Transformation and Increase Innovation and Growth.

Cora PPM helps CIOs establish a technology strategy that aligns with their organization’s strategic objectives. This enables you to prioritize your IT investments and generate operational efficiencies, so you can precisely orchestrate the different elements and processes that govern a project’s success throughout its lifecycle.

Cora PPM Helps You:

  • Get buy-in across your organization and accelerate your digital transformation program because of how easy Cora is to use. As a no code / low code platform we can configure it for you beforehand, and your users can easily configure it for themselves once they start using it.
  • Achieve operational excellence, by streamlining all your processes and integrating all your business units, so that your financials, resourcing, forecasts and scheduling are all being done in the same, standardized way and are all organized through the same central hub.
  • Manage your resources more effectively, so your assets and resources are deployed where they need to be, and are there when they’re needed, which minimizes delays and reduces costs.
  • Improve your global sourcing strategies thanks to Cora’s Supply Chain Sync with Schedule, which gives you immediate visibility into how your supply chain is performing and alerts you about any upcoming issues.
  • Effortlessly oversee your strategic workforce planning, so you can conduct an inventory of your skills set to match demand to capacity, ensuring the right people are always working on the right projects.
  • Gain confidence knowing that all cybersecurity issues are being constantly monitored and reviewed. We improve our software continuously, and as soon as an update is ready, the Cora Customer Success Team will contact you about it.
  • Digitize and centralize all your data and documents, keeping them permanently up to date, so everything’s instantly accessible.

“It’s a single version of the truth for all of our programmes. All of the different stakeholders have access to the same tools and the same information at the same time. That’s something that we never had before. It is the ideal tool, because it’s simple.”

– Joe Ryan, Head of Program for Health Service Improvement, the Health Service Executive, Irish government

Ready to See Cora in Action?

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