Chief Financial Officers

Significantly Reduce Costs and Waste, and Increase Margins and Revenue.

Cora PPM is designed to help CFOs manage working capital, track cash flow and expenses and ensure that you’re constantly up to speed around any change requests or changes to costs.

Cora PPM Helps You:

  • Track any changes to costs with Cora’s Project Controls functionality, so as soon as any changes are logged all associated registers are dynamically updated and alerts are automatically sent to trigger any required actions.
  • Seamlessly integrate any existing financial software or ERP solutions into one system, easily export and retrieve all your data, and integrate your financials with resourcing, schedules and forecasting.
  • Configure views and dashboard around your needs, according to importance, likelihood and relevance.
  • Ensure all your compliance and regulatory requirements are met, and all documentation is kept permanently up to date and is immediately accessible.
  • Get invaluable peace of mind around cybersecurity, knowing that the system is being constantly updated, and that all and any software updates are immediately communicated to you by the Cora Customer Success Team.
  • Digitize and centralize all your data and documents, keeping them permanently up to date, so everything’s instantly accessible.
  • Integrate your systems and software solutions, so all your processes are streamlined and everyone works in the same, standardized way.

“We reduced our cost overruns by $200 million and we identified $250 million of change orders we hadn’t detected because we hadn’t gone after them. Simple changes can have a huge impact.”

-Jeff Hopkins, Vice President GPMO and IGS PMO, Honeywell


Curious to See Cora in Action?

Cora PPM Software Laptop and Mobile Image