Cora delighted to announce a partnership agreement with Irish Rail to use the Cora platform as its project portfolio management solution

Chief Financial Officers

Reduce costs, improve productivity and increase revenue

Increase revenue and reduce costs

CFOs need to see the ROI on the decisions they take. You have to be agile, and to think strategically about how you plan and implement your budgets. The way you do that is by harnessing technology. Our software solution;

  • Improves planning and budgeting by giving you that 30,000 foot bird’s-eye view of your portfolio
  • Helps you reduce costs with a detailed, granular view into each individual project
  • Minimizes waste and mis-communication by centralizing all your data and documents
  • Updates everything in real time so you’re permanently up to speed

Improve employee productivity

Perhaps more than anything, financial health depends on attracting and retaining suitably qualified employees. Our software solution;

  • Is famously intuitive and easy to use
  • Means employees buy in quickly, and are happy to demo to colleagues
  • Integrates with any existing processes, so everything is standardized
  • Has comprehensive, integrated timesheets, so no unbillable hours
  • Makes gathering and demonstrating ESG metrics easy, and easy to access

Optimize resources and physical assets

The most effective way to deal with the disruption to the global supply chain, and to individual supply chains, is to make the most of the different technological advances designed to help with those challenges. Our software package;

  • Centralizes the data that all your parts, materials and fixed assets produce moving through your supply chain
  • Gives you EVM metrics so you can eliminate gaps between planned costs and delivery and actual costs and completion
  • Gives you improved visibility into your EBITDA thanks to standardized and integrated processes

Value Assessment Calculator

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