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Cora Focus

Making the most out of your investment in Cora

guide Increase your ROI

Business Value Office

As part of the portfolio of services Cora Focus provides, our business value office (BVO) can help you with a business value assessment. It’s a workshop-based forum, which helps calculate the projected returns your organization could achieve with your implementation. We want to find out the key business outcomes that matter to you. How can we help get to the root of your problems? Maybe you want to improve supply chain reliability or increase customer retention or maximize yield. Our BVO team can help you reach those goals. We want to ensure a profitable customer experience for you.
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Focus Review

At the start of the Cora Focus process, we’ll conduct a review of your business processes to determine areas where we can bring you additional, untapped value and efficiencies, as well as identifying ways to digitize those key business processes.

Our recommendations are grounded in cost efficiencies. We’ll provide you with a set of value-based recommendations that will result in a Cora Focus bundle that best meets your needs – and one that’s calculated to deliver a return on investment. We want you to make the most of the powerful Cora application in your hands.

Your Cora Focus review includes:

  • Analysis of current Cora platform configuration
  • Functionality review of current vs. latest release
  • Usage audit and detailed analytics
  • An online survey, taken from all users
  • Stakeholders, executive sponsors, and key-user interviews
  • Product roadmap review
  • Customized report and a set of value-based recommendations
  • A number of Cora Focus reviews throughout the year (depending on your service bundle)

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