Renewable Energy Project Management Software

Cora’s project management software has been designed to help renewable energy companies address specific pain points around project selection, stakeholder management and audit trails.

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One of the things I’m seeing a lot of value from with Cora is getting all our risks and opportunities, and being able to track all of our change orders with our customers, in one place… I can just log into Cora and open up that dashboard.

Jeff Hopkins, Vice president, Global PMO and Intelligrated PMO, Honeywell     

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Renewable Energy Project Management Software FAQ's
Why use renewable energy project management software?

Renewable energy project management software provides numerous benefits for professionals involved in renewable energy projects. It streamlines project planning and execution, optimizes resource utilization for maximum energy generation, enables real-time monitoring and performance analysis, improves collaboration and communication among stakeholders, ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, and enhances cost control and financial management.

What are the benefits of renewable energy project management software?

Renewable energy project management software offers the following benefits:

  1. Streamlined project planning and execution.
  2. Resource optimization.
  3. Real-time monitoring and data analysis.
  4. Collaboration and communication.
  5. Compliance with regulatory requirements.
  6. Cost control and financial management.

Using this software improves project efficiency, maximizes energy generation, facilitates collaboration, ensures compliance, and optimizes financial performance.

What are some of the key features of renewable energy project management software?

One of the most valuable features our software solution provides you with are the earned value management (EVM) metrics embedded into all our products. So you can track and monitor your planned costs and schedule, against your actual costs and delivery.

And because Cora has been designed and built to be a no/low code solution, it’s famously easy to use. So it guarantees enthusiastic buy-in across your organization.

Can the software be integrated with other products?

Crucially, our software can be seamlessly integrated with any existing processes or software platforms. So whatever systems you employ will be coordinated and organized through one central hub. Making you the control tower orchestrating all your activities.