Project Management Officers

Get that bird’s-eye of your portfolio and a granular view into every project

Better visibility

Managing projects comes down to planning and management. And what that depends on is visibility. You need to know where everything is and how it fits into the bigger picture. Our software solution;

  • Gives you a granular view into each project so you can carefully monitor its progress
  • Provides you with that 30,000 foot, bird’s eye view of your overall portfolio
  • Centralizes all your data and docs so everything’s immediately accessible
  • Makes you the control tower orchestrating all that data

Reduce costs

Close up of focused short hair attractive middle aged industrial female engineer with eyeglasses holding blueprints while working a laptop in the workshop.

In a volatile world where your supply chain is constantly being challenged, you need to keep a careful eye on costs. Success depends on staying lean and agile. Our software solution;

  • Means you can track everything as it moves through your supply chain, anticipating problems, minimizing costs
  • Improves your forecasting by updating everything in real time
  • Gives you EVM metrics so you can track planned costs and delivery with actual costs and completion
  • Means you’ll react much quicker when any budgetary changes are required

Improve staffing

An engineer works with devices, standing on a roof near solar batteries.

Managing resources is central to project management and the most important of those is labor. Everyone needs to be deployed appropriately, and to be happy about what they do and where they work. Our software solution;

  • Improves your capacity planning and resource management
  • Means everyone is working from the same facts and figures
  • Makes it much easier to gather and demonstrate ESG metrics
  • Standardizes your processes, integrating with existing systems so everyone works in the same way
  • Means everyone has access to everything they need, wherever they are, whenever they need it. It’s all there on the dashboard

Value Assessment Calculator

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