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Project Management Officers

Get Immediate Visibility and Deliver Projects on Time and on Budget

Cora PPM helps PMOs by giving them a granular view into individual projects, and a bird’s-eye view onto their overall portfolio. Everything is permanently updated in real time, ensuring your projects get successfully delivered on time and on budget.

Cora PPM helps you:


Managing projects comes down to planning and management. And what that depends on is visibility. You need to know where everything is and how it fits into the bigger picture. Our software solution;

  • Get clear and instant visibility into all your activities and operations. Everything gets presented in easy-to-read graphs and Gantt charts, giving you real time insights into any gaps around forecasts and actuals
  • More effective resource management, so your assets are deployed where they need to be and are there when they’re needed, which minimizes delays and reduces costs
  • Discover tools for improved strategic workforce planning, enabling you to perform an inventory of skill sets and deploy employees in response to current and future demand
  • Configure views and personalize dashboards according to your needs, using graphs and Gantt charts. Financials, forecasts, planning and more can be weighted and analyzed according to strategic objectives, risk and revenue goals
  • Digitize and centralize all your data and documents, keeping them permanently up to date, so everything’s instantly accessible
  • Get immediate organizational buy-in as a result of our no code / low code platform making Cora’s software intuitive and easy to use
  • Ensure all your compliance and regulation requirements are met, and all documentation is kept permanently up to date and is immediately accessible
  • Integrate all your systems and software solutions, so all your processes are streamlined and everyone works in the same, standardized way

“For me it’s the ease of looking up any project and being able to quickly ascertain what it looks like, its financial health, risk communication, documentation. With the click of a button, we can roll all of that information up into one source. It’s saved us a tonne of time and a tonne of errors, and we’ve gotten our 2% net-recovered margin across the business”.

-Mark Ruettiger, North America Operations manager, Automated Logic Corporation

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