Earned Value Management

Cora’s EVM functionality enables you to track and monitor a project’s progress by giving you the tools to compare planned costs and schedules with actual outcomes

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Visualize a Project’s Progress

Display earned value management (EVM) metrics graphically using dynamic and intuitive dashboards that roll up to portfolio level, enabling the project team and senior management to visualize a project’s progress against performance measurement baselines (PMBs).

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Track Actions and Dependencies

Track actions, dependencies, responsibilities and changes to project registers with functionality that highlights schedule variances (SVs) and cost variances (CVs).

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Compare Schedule and Cost Indices

Easily track and review the performance of projects by comparing schedule and cost performance indices (CPI & SPI) with planned value (PV) costs, budget at completion (BAC) costs and estimate at completion (ETC) costs.

Integrated Project Financials

Combine EVM with Other Functionalities

Combining EVM with other Cora functionalities to produce predictions and forecasts that are fact-based and governed by an acknowledged set of defined rules, giving you that single source of objective truth.


Explore what-if Scenarios

Explore what-if scenarios to visualize trade-offs from possible changes to cost and schedule, using the Scenario Planning tools and Cora’s Strategic Portfolio Management module


Meet All Compliance Requirements

Gain the confidence to know that you can comfortably meet all compliance requirements around GovCon projects, many of which depend on working within EVM parameters and producing EVM metrics.

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See how Cora PPM helps you reduce costs and schedule delays with comprehensive EVM functionality.


Reduce Deviation on OpEx and Large CapEx Projects

Prevent cost and schedule overruns using the comprehensive suite of EVM tools to monitor any gaps between planned and actual costs.
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Earned Value Management FAQs

What are the benefits of using Cora’s EVM?

  • It gives you internationally recognized PMI performance metrics.
  • You can visualize performance metrics and take corrective action.
  • You can objectively measure performance using financial data based on the project Gannt/WBS (work breakdown structure).

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What measurements can you track using Cora’s EVM?

You can review schedule and cost performance indices (CPI and SPI), Planned Value (PV) costs, budget at completion (BAC) and any actions, dependencies and changes on project registers.

What types of effort and EV techniques are supported?

Our module supports all effort types; discrete, apportioned and level of effort, and divides ‘discreet’ into 6 categories;

  • 0–100
  • 50–50
  • XX–YY (A custom version of 50–50)
  • Incremental milestone
  • Percent complete
  • Units complete

What kind of reports does Cora’s EVM support?

It’s designed to support IPMDAR data feeds and reporting requirements.