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In this episode, Brian Jackson, Director of Project Management and Third Party Governance at Centennial Bank, shares his 47-year journey in the banking industry, witnessing the incredible transformation from manual operations to today’s digital marvels. He discusses the importance of contractual compliance in the banking sector and how Centennial Bank adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling remote work. They explore the impact of digital transformation on modern banks, including real-time payments like FedNow. Tune in for valuable insights and inspiring stories.

In this episode:

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Important Timestamps:

    • 00:00 – Introduction
    • 00:23 – Brian’s background
    • 02:30 – Banking Through the Decades
    • 06:15 – Banking’s Unstoppable Technological Journey
    • 08:20 – Time-Saving, Compliance Crucial, Pandemic Impact
    • 11:10 – Revolutionizing the Post-COVID Workplace

Show Notes

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