Media Release: Cora Wins 2017 Public Sector Magazine Award

Media Release: DUBLIN, IRELAND — (Dec 14, 2017):

Cora Systems, a leading provider of enterprise project and portfolio management solutions, announces today that it has won the 2017 Public Sector Magazine award for “excellence in Life Sciences”, following its successful and innovative implementations this year in the Irish and global pharmaceutical and medical devices industries.

Inaugurated in 2016, the Public Sector Magazine awards program recognizes distinction across a range of vertical industries, including healthcare, education and law. Cora Systems won its supplier category for the benefits it has delivered to life sciences clients such as Allergan, Boston Scientific and Teleflex Medical.

“It’s been a record year for Cora Systems in terms of expanding our client base and significantly enhancing our product. To win this award from the Public Sector Magazine is welcome recognition of those strides we’re making. We’re delighted to be acknowledged for our work in the life sciences sphere in particular. It’s is a strong vertical for us. We’re delivering some very impressive results with clients such as Allergan based here in Westport, Co Mayo and near neighbours Teleflex Medical in Athlone, Co Westmeath. We’re grateful to them for going on this journey with us,” said Philip Martin, CEO, Cora Systems.

“The recognition of peers is important in any sector but for one as vital as the Irish Public Sector, every accolade adds to a brand’s credibility. Corporate awards enhance a company’s reputation, help employees take pride in their work and instil confidence in customers about the quality and professionalism of an organisation. An award by any measure is a sign of excellence. This Awards publication recognises excellence in key providers to the Irish Public Sector acknowledging the professionalism of companies that excel in what they do,” said Trish Phelan, Editor, Public Sector Magazine.


About Public Sector Magazine Awards

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About Cora Systems

Cora Systems provides enterprise project and portfolio management solutions and services to government agencies and large-scale global organisations, including life sciences, healthcare, and engineering & construction. Every day, thousands of project managers across the world use the Cora platform to manage their portfolio of projects, totalling over $10 billion in value, across multiple locations, dozens of countries and thousands of users. Headquartered in Ireland and with regional offices in Washington, DC and London (UK), Cora’s client roster includes Allergan, BT, City of London, Honeywell Building Solutions, Teleflex Medical and the UK’s National Health Service. Watch an overview of the platform at

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