UK COVID-19 Suppliers List: Cora Offer of Support to UK Government

Cora Systems are delighted to confirm that the UK Government have accepted our offer of assistance during this unprecedented health crisis.

Cora is keenly aware of the challenges faced by the UK public sector as we currently work with a number of NHS Foundation Trusts, organisations such as NHS Digital, Government Departments and local authorities.
As a result of the Government accepting our offer we have been approved for addition to the Crown Commercial Service COVID-19 Suppliers List. The experience and expertise gained by working with the organisations above can now be shared with others delivering important public services.

To see how Cora can help your organisation please watch this overview of our platform, Cora PPM, below:

“With Cora, we are managing, governing and reporting on our projects and programs through one common source so rather than having information spread across different servers and different departments across the whole organization we now have all of that information together in one place.”

David Bell

Associate Director of Strategic Planning, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust Crown Commercial Service is the biggest public procurement organisation in the UK. They use their commercial expertise to help buyers in central government and across the public and third sectors to purchase goods and services.

Interested parties can find out more our offer of support by completing the form below or by contacting Crown Commercial Service, quoting the Cora Systems Offer ID 20200520-135933-222E63 and asking their assistance.

Learn more about our Healthcare offering here and our Government experience here.
To view the full Crown Commercial Service COVID-19 Suppliers List click here.

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