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Introducing Cora Focus

Cora Focus: Managed Services To Fully Unlock Your Platform Investment

Are you a customer who is starting out on your journey with Cora? Perhaps you’re a mature user of the Cora platform who needs to evolve and grow because your business processes have changed over time.

Some of those business processes might need to be digitized. Whatever your staging post, Cora Focus is here to guide you with a roadmap to success.

By leveraging the Cora Focus review process, we’ll deliver a set of value-based recommendations, which will ensure you fully unlock all the potential with your investment in Cora.

Your Cora Focus review includes:

  • Analysis of current Cora platform configuration
  • Functionality review of current vs. latest release
  • Usage audit and detailed analytics
  • An online survey, taken from all users
  • Stakeholders, executive sponsors, and key user interviews
  • Product roadmap review
  • Customized report and a set of value-based recommendations
  • A number of Cora Focus reviews throughout the course of the year (depending on your service bundle)

Cora Focus process

By leveraging Cora Focus you and your team will gain several key benefits, including:


  • Recommendations on best-practice
  • Surface valuable usage information across your platform


  • Knowledge transfer to your teams to enable complex configuration to be undertaken in-house
  • Further embedding the use of your Cora platform within your organization to optimize reporting and governance outputs


  • Focused development work specifically tailored to suit your timeline
  • Easily add new widgets to your Cora platform


  • Profit from focused training programs based on usage patterns that surface via the Cora Assistant application
  • Configuration training will leave you self-sufficient in terms of the configuration of key functionality, e.g. registers, SmartForms, workflow, etc.

To learn more about how Cora Focus can help unlock your team’s potential click here to download our brochure or contact your Customer Success Representative.