Engineering Management Software Solutions: Complementary Guide Launched

Two decades of helping construction and engineering firms deliver their projects on budget and on time have given Cora Systems CEO Philip Martin a unique insight into the Engineering Management Software requirements of Engineers and Project Managers.

Without using Engineering Project Management Software there’s often no way of knowing the state-of-play on projects – if they are profitable, what work is left in them and when they will be finished.

Maybe your company has grown swiftly and both your processes and systems need to mature fast to manage that growth carefully. New staff might need to be brought up to speed quickly through having standardized systems and existing staff need to align to one way of working. Sound familiar?

What you require is a reliable, repeatable, and robust way of managing your project portfolio. You need tight control on every aspect of your engineering jobs, i.e. exact tracking – and invoicing – for time your engineers spend on site. To be successful you need to able to:

  • See what’s finished and forecast what’s coming down the line.
  • Invoice quickly after a job is complete.
  • Avoid getting bogged down in delayed payments.
  • Reduce the time spent on documentation and reporting
  • streamline your process.

This engineering management software solutions guide has been produced based on Cora’s experiences of working with firms such as Automated Logic, Honeywell Building Solutions and WSP. It highlights many of the challenges you probably face and provides the specific engineering management software solutions you need to address them.

Philip Martin is CEO of Cora Systems and worked for a decade in engineering and management roles, primarily for the telecommunications industry, before founding Cora Systems in 1999.
Philip is an electronic systems engineering graduate of Ulster University. He previously held positions with major US multinationals, including 3Com, Tellabs, DSC and Pulse Engineering.

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