John McGrath Masterclass: What is the Secret to Successfully Managing Commercial Engineering Projects?

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In the series “Future Trends in Project Management” series, Project Management advisor and lecturer John McGrath explores the topic: “What is the Secret to Successfully Managing Commercial Engineering Projects?“.

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Diverse Scope of Commercial Engineering Projects:
Commercial projects span government and private sectors, covering a wide array of industries, including industrial, manufacturing, retail, recreation, health care, education, and sport.

Comprehensive Project Lifecycle:
The project lifecycle in commercial engineering projects typically encompasses detailed design, planning, construction, commissioning, and closeout upon project completion.

Collaborative Success Factors:
Success in these projects hinges on seamless collaboration between contractors, clients, and a diverse group of technical specialists and subcontractors. Tasks may range from feasibility studies to health and safety, environmental impact assessments, permits, and intricate civil engineering projects.

Niche Expertise in Specialized Fields:
Organizations involved in commercial engineering projects often boast niche expertise, whether in mechanical or electrical engineering or specialized disciplines like constructing clean rooms for manufacturing organizations.

Crucial Role of Project Engineers:
Project engineers play a pivotal role in supporting project managers, often holding dual roles. They act as communication channels between technical disciplines and project management teams, engaging with stakeholders at all project levels. Project engineers are frequently solely responsible for budget and schedule management within individual projects.

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