Client Story: WSP in the UK

WSP (UK) is part of a global organization which provides professional services to the transportation, infrastructure, building and mining industries.

“If you don’t have insight into how projects are unfolding, it causes all kinds of headaches. That’s where Cora’s solution comes in. It’s about that precious commodity “time”, about making timely decisions and empowering project managers to make decisions based on accurate information. Without its Cora PPM platform, and the integrated, common data environment it provides, we would be reduced to making a lot of manual interventions – a lot of manual analysis, a lot of copy & paste – to try and bring its project and portfolio information together.”

Ian Thrupp

Director of PMO Services, WSP in the UK

WSP had multiple data sets from multiple systems, e.g. P6 for scheduling, risk management systems, Oracle Aconex for information distribution, MS Excel spreadsheets. What they didn’t have was the one location where project executives could go to see all the information instantly.

Our solution has given WSP the perspective on project data they were looking for. It has also provided consistency – WSP now has a coherent approach to managing each project.

  • Reduced Training: In addition to helping with governance, the Cora solution provides a standard mechanism for our client to manage its data, which means it’s easier for new staff to come on board the Northern Estates programme with minimal training.
  • A single view of the truth: “With Cora PPM, we can now hold time, cost, risks, issues, commercial data in a platform that is accessible and easily digestible. We chose Cora for those reasons. It takes project information from disparate sources and providing it in an easy-to-read reporting format.” (PPM Technical Lead)
  • Smarter Decisions: “It allows us to drill down into information and gives our senior management the key decision-making information so they can make informed decisions on all our schemes.” 
  • Better Governance: “It facilitates a consistent approach across a portfolio of projects and allows us to have good governance across a series of projects in a consistent manner.” 
  • Reduced Time Reporting: Measurable results in cutting time to report, e.g. Time spent reporting each month cut from 10 hours to seconds, Time spent compiling project lists cut from 2-3 weeks to minutes and 1,000s of projects in a single view

Implementing Cora PPM helped WSP dramatically reduced the time spent reporting, which also resulted in cost savings.

Digitizing projects and processes freed the team from the burdensome process of report preparation, enabling them to return to managing projects and adding value to their organization.

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