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North Yorkshire County Council

North Yorkshire County Council


North Yorkshire County Council’s Technology and Change team wanted to implement a new project prioritization and capacity planning process. There were issues with their ability to implement it through their current processes. Their existing system consisted of a number of excel sheets, word documents, paper forms etc. with no one having a clear overview of all project work.

Problems were arising where projects were making their way to the project delivery stage, they would ultimately fail to progress any further, ending up costing more than first anticipated or exceeding the original timeline causing a knock on effect across other projects.

Resourcing was unclear and this meant that lot of time and effort was being put into resource allocation. This lack of visibility was making it extremely difficult to ensure the right resources were working on the right projects.

Reporting across all project work proved very difficult and tedious. The process of gathering the information and compiling it into a consolidated report format could take up to 3 weeks from start to finish. As it took so long to assemble, it was often the case that the information within it was out of date by the time it was released.

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  • Visibility: Visibility of their projects has increased, allowing North Yorkshire to ensure that they only put the viable projects forward. Visibility at a senior level has improved also as everyone has access to the same information in real time in a central location.
  • Resourcing: Cora now enables us to answer the question on whether we have the necessary resources available to meet the project requirements, as well as other resourcing queries.
  • Project Prioritization: This is proving highly effect within the project ideas stage of the process, as only the projects that are deemed sustainable are pushed forward.
  • Project Reporting: Prior to Cora's reporting capabilities, North Yorkshire Project Services was spending up to 2 to 3 weeks to compile full project lists. This has now been dramatically reduced and the same task can now be completed in a matter of minutes.
  • Project Templates: This feature is now being used by the council, enabling full access to a number of templates. This saves time in building a platform around the council’s project.
  • Governance: By implementing Cora, North Yorkshire County Council is now able to ensure strong governance in the commissioning and prioritization of projects, which they were unable to do prior to using Cora.


"The implementation and use of Cora has been a significant step forward in enabling us to record, control and manage the portfolio of projects in Technology and Change"

Andrew WhittakerEnterprise Architect

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