Good Governance in the Delivery of Public Capital Projects

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Capital Projects

In this free guidebook, Gerry Galvin, a consultant with decades of experience in Ireland’s civil and public service, examines capital project governance and in particular its application to public sector capital projects. Gerry is very familiar with the challenges public bodies experience in providing robust governance throughout the project lifecycle and has distilled his knowledge into this guide.

Key learnings include:

  • How you can demonstrate that the best value for money is being achieved in meeting the project’s objectives.
  • Where to put good governance processes in place for the future.
  • How capturing project data in a central repository, synthesized into management reports and escalated appropriately, enables timely decision-making.

About the Author

Gerry Galvin is a Professional and Technical Advisor with decades of experience in Ireland’s Civil and Public Service.

He is a former Chief Technical Officer of Irish Water, Ireland’s national water utility provider and before that he spent over 20 years in Ireland’s Department of Environment, Community & Local Government. Gerry served 10 years as the Principal Engineering Adviser in the Department’s water division and during that time he was responsible for capital project planning, implementation and expenditure reviews.

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