Module of the Month: “Workflow”

In the second part of our new “Module of the Month” series Cora Systems’ Account Manager Enda Smith takes a look at how our Workflow module is used to bring Control to projects all over the world.

Within all organisations the process of getting data or a piece of work approved so that a task or project can move on to the next stage can prove to be a time consuming activity. Between Manager’s not approving documents on time and the required information not being logged it can also provide unnecessary stress.

In Cora PPM the ‘Workflow’ module creates consistent business processes ensuring and a variety of alerts to ensure that the approval processes are followed every time.  These workflows make business processes more efficient by managing and tracking the human tasks involved with a process and then providing a record or audit trail of that process when it is complete.

The steps to creating and adding elements to a Workflow is an aspect of Cora PPM that we have found to be a favourite of customers. When creating an approval process Users have the option of defining the exact steps or procedures that their organisation follows in order to approve data using the “drag and drop” based Workflow creation page (pictured above). Elements which can be used in the steps include Email, Approval Stage, Start and End Process while organization-specific Variables can also be created and used. The “flow” of the information between the elements / steps can be easily managed by dragging a trail from the node on one step to another. A Workflow process can be set to start “immediately” or based on a condition i.e. if another action happens.

In a Cora PPM context Workflow can be used to manage the approval of data Cora Forms or a Cora Registers. Cora Forms enables Users to turn free-format text into structured, reportable data. Cora Registers are completely customizable logs for managing actions, Lessons Learned, Decisions (such as Change Requests) and more. 

Sample Use Case

A User enters data into a Register which has a Workflow associated (whether that data be a simple text-based request or a request with a attachment such as a document or an image). Cora PPM then sends an email alert to the associated “Approver” and this notification also appears in the persons ‘My Workflow Approvals’ widget on their Dashboard. The “Approver” can then expand the Workflow Approvals Widget to full screen mode (see below) and review the full details of the entry and the associated project. They must then decide whether to approve or reject the request. 

The “submitter” can instantly check the status of their “request” at any time via the Register where they submitted the request originally.


Find out more

This is just a small example of the capabilities of the Workflow Module. Join Enda on February 26th for a live demonstration of the Workflow Module. Sign up via the form here.

Alternatively, you can find out more about how Cora PPM can help your organization by visiting our PPM Page where you can watch a video Tour of the platform, see Client Testimonials and much more.

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