Helping CityFibre cut project forecasting volatility by over 55%


CityFibre is the UK's third national digital infrastructure platform, with existing networks in over 60 towns and cities, managing a staff of 1,300. It plans to deliver broadband to 8 million premises over the next 5-7 years.

“We’ve had some quite complex requirements that we’ve placed upon Cora, as our implementation has evolved, but there’s always been this willingness to find a solution. There’s no problem that is too daunting for the Cora team.”

– Sarah Malin

Director of Group Operations and Program Management Office, CityFibre

The challenges CityFibre faced

  • Lack of consistency across each of its network cities
  • Lack of visibility about staff work on the ground
  • Poor view of aggregation of risk management and issue management
  • Change management was problematic
  • Difficult to forecast volumes and monitor supplier performance because of manual-based procedures

Capabilities Cora brings

  • Manages all aspects of the project lifecycles digitally.
  • Ability to take in new business opportunities from commercial teams or from IT teams, controlling approvals and the journey into it to a piece of work.
  • Digitally manages the performance of projects with intelligent workflow processes.
  • Enables easy on-boarding of recruits, and standardization of work processes, as staff numbers grow. In CityFibre’s case from 200 to 1,300+ since the initial Cora implementation.
  • Governance and control of the entire program, including enabling workstreams (Wayleaves, Marketing, Service Operations, etc.) and the construction program.
  • Dashboards and reporting used to provide insight against program KPIs, including the number of homes ready for service, cost per home delivered and performance against SLAs.


  • Ability to see the health of portfolio: from a resourcing point of view; how much change is going on; spend against budget
  • Ability to capture lessons learned into a central point and distribute them uniformly across all other projects, helping to manage the portfolio much more effectively
  • Visibility over timelines and locations, ability to run scenarios and strategies around how that affects the entire portfolio and shapes resource plans
  • Centralized, consolidated, and digitized information provides powerful insights to make better decisions and forecasts for the future

How much could you save?

In addition to helping CityFibre cut forecasting volatility from 45% to under 20%, they also gained a return on investment as a result of digitizing their processes.

Our Value Calculator will give you a quick, back-of-the-envelope estimate of the kind of savings you’ll make when you implement our software solution.