On Demand Webinar: Establishing a PPM and Prioritization Program

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In this presentation, Mario Clarizia of Elanco outlines how Cora PPM was used in establishing a portfolio management and prioritization program.


In growing organizations there comes a time when the number and value of projects means that it becomes difficult to manage them using “traditional” methods.

Organizations need the ability to identify and prioritize projects, which align to their strategy, while also optimizing resources.
In this presentation, Mario Clarizia , Senior Advisor – Project & Portfolio Management with Elanco outlines how they established a portfolio management and prioritization program in a complex, global manufacturing organization. During this 20 minute presentation, you will learn:

  1. How growth in the business led to a requirement for a more comprehensive approach to prioritization and portfolio management
  2. How the establishment of a PPMO and implementation of Cora PPM gave them “a single version of the truth” across the enterprise
  3. The variety of ways Cora PPM is used in different parts of the organization, from Project Execution to Portfolio Reviews

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