Webinar: How to Navigate Complexity in Change Management

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Introducing “Complexity in Change Management”

The Guide to Navigating Change by Stephen Carver

As we continue to respond to the challenges of a changed and changing world, a word that keeps on being quoted is complexity.
Politicians tell us that their solutions are complex, experts tell us their models are complex and as project professionals trying to manage all this change, it sometimes seems as if we are moving beyond complexity towards pure chaos.

In fact, most people using the word “complex” do not understand the difference between complex and complicated – and even if they do, they fail to understand the three vital dimensions of complexity.

Research on real projects at Cranfield University has not only identified frameworks for understanding these three dimensions but has also produced tools and techniques for managing them on complex projects and programs.

In this guide Stephen Carver helps readers to understand projects through the three “lenses” of complexity will not only provide a competitive edge but also perhaps help project managers “fly high” in managing their complex projects in this complex world.
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About the Author
Stephen Carver is rated as one of the top lecturers at one of Europe’s leading MBA business schools, Cranfield University’s School of Management. Unusually, for an academic, he has actually spent most of his working life in real business and still runs his own, highly successful, project management company. Stephen is a rare blend of academic, businessman, and teller of tales.

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