Leadership Skills the Military Can Teach Us

with Pat D’Amico

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In this episode, Aaron Murphy chats with Pat D’Amico, a leadership expert and CEO of About-Face Development, to delve into leadership skills. Pat’s military background shapes his insights, discussing stress management, self-awareness, coaching, and the value of mentorship. The conversation explores reasons for job dissatisfaction, continuous learning for leaders, remote learning tools, and highlights coaching and hiring as pivotal leadership skills. Tune in for more!


In this episode we discuss “Leadership Skills the Military Can Teach Us”

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Important Timestamps:

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 00:23 – Who Is Our Guest For Today?
  • 05:12 – Being Aware Of Your Emotion
  • 06:09 – Having A Mentor Is Important
  • 07:06 – Why Are People Leaving Their Jobs?
  • 07:56 – Manager’s Role in Job Losses
  • 08:30 – Lack Of Development
  • 08:53 – How To Retain People
  • 13:01 – The Importance Of Keeping Good Managers
  • 16:35 – The Adaption Of Asynchronous E-Learning
  •  18:26 – Top Three Leadership Skills Most People And Organizations Lack

Show Notes

Contact Pat via:

About-Face Development (aboutfacedevelopment.com)


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