Webinar: 5 Golden Rules to Adopt When Buying a PPM Solution

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Discover the insights and pitfalls in the PPM buying process as PMI Fellow Lee R. Lambert shares 50 years of expertise. Learn from industry trends and mistakes to ensure a successful PPM adoption.

Key Lessons from 50 Years of PPM Experience

Dive into the knowledge of a PPM industry leader to understand the critical factors influencing the selection and implementation of enterprise-wide PPM solutions. Lee R. Lambert shares valuable lessons to guide CIOs in making informed decisions.

The Importance of Effective PPM Systems

Explore the undeniable benefits and value of adopting an effective PPM system. Lee R. Lambert emphasizes the transformative impact of selecting the right PPM solution for organizational success.

Critical Mistakes to Avoid in PPM Buying

Learn from real-world examples and experiences as Lee R. Lambert highlights common mistakes made during the PPM buying process. Understand the potential consequences of choosing an inadequate PPM solution and the devastating impact it can have on your organization.

Lee’s Five Golden Rules for CIOs

Gain actionable insights into the five golden rules that CIOs should adopt before committing their organizations to complex PPM buying decisions. Lee R. Lambert provides a roadmap for success in selecting the right PPM solution the first time.

Ensuring a Successful PPM Implementation

Recognize the significance of getting the PPM buying process right from the start. Lee R. Lambert underscores the cost implications and long-term benefits of making informed decisions, ensuring a successful PPM implementation.


This webinar offers a unique opportunity to tap into the wealth of knowledge accumulated by Lee R. Lambert. Understand the critical factors, avoid common mistakes, and adopt strategic guidelines to navigate the complex landscape of PPM adoption successfully.

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