How to Create More Motivated Teams with Dr. Randy Ross

In this episode of Project Management Paradise, host Aaron Murphy engages in a deep dive with Dr. Randy Ross, CEO of Remarkable and bestselling author, exploring the essence of corporate culture, employee engagement, and navigating challenging times in the workplace. Dr. Ross shares invaluable insights on fostering positive work environments, enhancing employee happiness, and addressing toxic elements within organizations.

Listen to Podcast Episode Below:

Key Highlights:

●       00:23 – Introduction and Background to the Guest Dr. Randy Ross

●       04:52 – The Silent Killer

●       07:17 – Navigating VUCA

●       12:48 – Investing in People

●       15:28 – Building Relationally Rich Environments

●       16:12 – Creating a Relationally Rich Environment

●       16:30 – Embracing Feedback

●       21:59 – Axiology in Practice

●       23:01 – Passion, Strengths, and Problem-Solving

●       30:13 – Purpose-Driven Business

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