The Power of Empathy in Leadership with Neal Frick

In this episode of the Project Management Paradise podcast, host Aaron Murphy is joined by Neal Frick, a leadership guru and author, to explore the topic of ’empathetic leadership.’The Power of Empathy in Leadership’.


Neil shares insights into the definition of empathetic leadership, common misconceptions, and the keys to successful implementation. He emphasizes transparency, trust, active listening, and logical decision-making as crucial elements. Neil also discusses the return on investment (ROI) of empathetic leadership, highlighting its impact on effort, productivity, and customer relations.

Key Highlights:

●       00:23 – Introduction to Neal Frick and Empathy in leadership

●       00:57 – Neal’s Background and Journey to Empathy to Leadership

●       02:33 – Empathetic Leadership

●       07:50 – Trust and Listening in Empathetic Leadership

●       08:14 – Empathy and Sympathy, Underlining the Need for Setting Boundaries

●       09:23 – Emotional Connections Affected Decision-Making

●       10:13 – Explores Return on Investment (ROI) in Empathetic Leadership

●       11:10 – Empathetic Leadership Boosts Effort and Productivity

●       11:50 – Empathetic Leadership on Customer Satisfaction, Marketing, and Sales

●       12:47 – ROI to the Keys of Success: Trust and Listening

●       15:22 – Field of Empathetic Leadership

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