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The problem: Project prioritization is challenging

The problem:

Project prioritization is challenging

Project selection and prioritization methods are not systematic and standardized. Approved projects are not always aligned with strategic business objectives.

Our solution

We make it easy for you to define and apply your own standard criteria to projects and channel them through a formal screening process prior to initiation. Projects can be evaluated based on a range of factors, including strategic impact, using our repeatable, reliable, and robust portfolio-scoring mechanism to help you decide which project(s) should be prioritized. “Low value” projects that are not aligned with strategy can also be eliminated.

The result

  • Easily understand cross-project dependencies and how they impact portfolio performance
  • Drive process compliance and enable repeatable project success
  • A clear link between strategy, portfolios, dynamic funding for those portfolios, and the people running those portfolios is established.
  • Dynamic funding sources can be created for portfolios, facilitating comparison to bottom-up project/program budget and helping you to easily spot discrepancies
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