Developing a Company Culture That Works

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In this episode of the Project Management Paradise Podcast, Gerald Leonard, Principles of Executions, speaks with Johnny Beirne about Developing a Company Culture that works.


With over 25 years of experience, Gerald is an author, consultant, and trusted advisor to CIOs and PMO executives.

Gerald is also an established musician which inspired him to write his most recent book entitled “Culture Is The Bass: 7 Principles For Developing A Culture That Works!” which we discuss in this interview.

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Excerpts from Episode 17 – Developing a Company Culture that works

Instilling a culture in an organization needs to begin at the interview process as you can learn and develop skills but culture is something you are born with.

Gerald also states that if the culture isn’t right, always start with an as-is assessment based on best practices, map your current culture against the best practices and it gets you to where you want to be, eventually giving you your roadmap.

An aspect that he believes to be important is to start making small incremental changes while getting constant feedback from the team.

Show Notes

For more information on Gerald Leonard, you can check out his LinkedIn Profile or visit his website.

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