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Free Guide to Establishing a Risk Management Framework Launched

Lee R. Lambert recently teamed up with Cora to publish a free guide to developing a risk management framework entitled “Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later” – Establishing a Framework to Manage Risk.

The guide is built on Lee’s five decades of project management experience and includes real-life case studies and examples.

Managing risks in today’s high-pressured, “take-no-prisoners” Project Management world is a vital process that can easily determine the success or failure of an organization striving to achieve its strategic objectives. Don’t let the failure to manage risk events prevent you from delivering high-quality projects on time and within budget.
This guidebook analyzes the value of having a comprehensive project and portfolio (PPM) solution when it comes to risk management.
It essentially addresses two critical components:

  1. The processes of standardized project risk management and
  2. How a PPM solution can assure that project risk will be minimized.

If you don’t have a risk management framework in your organization enter your details now to download the Guidebook.

About the Author

Lee R. Lambert (PMP Founder, PMI Fellow, CEO Lambert Consulting Group) has logged 50+ years of project management experience and is considered one of the world’s thought leaders on project management methods and how they can be utilized to create and sustain value-added leadership and collaboration capabilities.

On-Demand Webinar

Lee also broadcast a webinar on the topic. It was also entitled: “Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later” – Establishing a Framework to Manage Risk.

Download the Guidebook Now

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