Client Story: North Yorkshire County Council

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They manage education, social care, health, highways, libraries, trading standards, household waste recycling centers, and numerous other services for a population of around 600,000 residents.

“The implementation and use of Cora PPM has been a significant step forward in enabling us to record, control, and manage the portfolio of projects in Technology and Change. We now have several other areas of the organisation interested in using it to manage their own projects.”

  • Implementing a new project prioritization and capacity planning process was necessary.
  • Their system included Excel sheets, word documents, paper forms, etc.
  • Inappropriate projects entered the project delivery stage, failing, exceeding costs, and impacting other projects.
  • Unclear resourcing led to time-consuming allocation and assessing resource-project alignment.
  • Reporting was challenging and tedious, taking up to 3 weeks to gather and compile information into a consolidated report.

  • North Yorkshire County Council leveraged the existing implementation for project planning and timesheets, enhancing it for the new process. Cora PPM serves as the central repository for all project and process information.
  • Within the program structure, Cora PPM accommodates potential projects (project ideas), subjecting them to an approval process. The custom page feature in Cora PPM was utilized to design this approval process. North Yorkshire established specific criteria for scoring project ideas, ensuring a stringent evaluation before advancing any project.


  • NYCC has increased project visibility, ensuring only viable projects are put forward. Senior Level visibility has improved, as everyone accesses the same information in real-time, in one location.
  • Cora enables NYCC to answer the question of whether they have the necessary resources available to meet the project requirements, as well as other resourcing queries.
  • This proves highly effective within the project ideas stage of the process, pushing forward only the projects deemed sustainable.
  • The council now uses this feature, enabling full access to several templates. This saves time in building a platform around the council’s project.
  • As project data is centralized and digitized the time spent creating reports has been reduced substantially and in some instances, reports can be exported in a matter of seconds. Our Dashboards enable real-time reporting
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