Reporting Tools with Cora PPM

Suite of reports that are used by various roles to extract and publish information in just a few clicks.

Analyze and Report on Data Across the System Using Our Reporting Tools.

Our project management software includes a reporting tool which displays a range of views for project, program and portfolio management including risk and issues analysis, resourcing, financial data and more.

Key Differentiators

Organizations are increasingly using shorter, graphical, “one-page” snapshots to quickly convey key information about their projects to managers and other stakeholders. Our reporting tools are visually focused Dynamic Snapshots that give you the ability to quickly generate these types of views.

They enable users to define and share snapshot templates with other users. They can include graphics and data grids depending on the audience and message. They ensure that all of your data is captured within our PPM software and that the production of project status snapshots is done without the need for re-keying. Users can also filter information to focus on the issues you want highlighted and there is one click export of snapshots for inclusion in documents or presentations.


Our reporting tools include a cross-system report builder for when you need to bring data from multiple areas together. Data can be exported to MS Excel, MS Word and PDF.


  • Short, graphical, one-page “Snapshots” to quickly convey key information about projects to managers and other stakeholders
  • Choose from a range or pre-designed layouts or design custom layouts
  • Suite of reports that can be sliced, diced, and exported in many different formats

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