On Demand Webinar: The Custom Fit Standardized Platform

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Standardized Platform: In 2018 Automated Logic went to market for a program & portfolio management (PPM) solution because it required a digitized and cloud-based collaboration tool to deploy across the organization.


The desired solution it looked for was a platform that assisted in standardizing work processes across all its business units so they could operate more efficiently and, for example, improve the execution transparency of projects at all tiers of the organization. In 2019 they made the decision to work with Cora Systems because “it’s proven to be one of the more innovative software companies in the industry and it has an extremely customizable PPM solution”.

About Webinar:

In this presentation Lindsey Leiker, a Digital Project Manager and Business Analyst with Automated Logic outlines why Cora PPM became known as their “custom fit standardized platform”. During this 20 minute presentation you will learn:
  1. The challenges they faced before implementing Cora PPM.
  2. How Cora PPM met their range of platform requirements.
  3. How they drove adoption of the solution.

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