Change Management Webinar: How to Navigate Complexity

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In this Change Management Webinar, learn the difference between complex and complicated and how to look at projects in a new light…

As we continue to respond to the challenges of a changed and changing world, a word that keeps on being quoted is complexity.

Politicians tell us that their solutions are complex, experts tell us their models are complex and as project professionals trying to manage all this change, it sometimes seems as if we are moving beyond complexity towards pure chaos.

Research on complexity in the change management process in project management at Cranfield University, (using real projects) has not only identified frameworks for understanding the three dimensions of complexity but has also produced tools and techniques for managing them on complex projects and programs.

In this change management webinar Stephen Carver, Businessman and Lecturer at Cranfield University use the example of airplanes and flight to examine complexity in change management, the findings of the research, and how it can help you.

During this change management webinar you will learn:

    • What the three “lenses” of complexity, found in the research are
    • How you can apply these tools and techniques to your projects
    • How to separate the complicated from the complex

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