Pharma Project Management in the “New Normal” – Complementary Guide Released

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Pharma Project Management: Covid-19 has driven a quest for even greater speed in the pharmaceutical industry and with that has come many challenges.


Companies who have learned to act, and manage their project portfolios, faster will continue to use their speed advantage. Others now find themselves facing new challenges and must evolve in order to avoid being left behind.

What are the Challenges Facing the Pharmaceutical Industry in this “New Normal”?

    • They need to find ways to work collaboratively, flexibly, and in sync with other companies and public entities, for example, adopting agile methodologies.
    • Capital projects will need to keep up to support expansion and transfers. In turn, this will drive the need for better cross-team collaboration and understanding of dependencies.
    • Project processes will have to be quicker, slicker, and more robust.
    • Project information will have to be available at the touch of a button, with the ability to make system updates immediately – not manually a week or a month later.
    • Project data should be easy to consume so it facilitates better, quicker decision-making.
    • There must be no more relying on info passed over the desk; there’s a vital need to keep everyone connected no matter where they are.

Of course, new technologies and products will help address these challenges, but pharma project management and production processes still need to be organized with greater efficiency.

In this free guidebook, entitled “Post-Covid Pharma Project Management: The Need for Speed” Business Consultant Iain Graham looks at how pharma project management has changed during the past year and offers insight into how companies can adapt to the “new normal”.

Iain Graham is a Senior Business Consultant and has worked in the software industry for over 25 years, starting as a software developer before moving into sales.

Prior to joining Cora, he was responsible for European sales of EcoSys, a project controls solution owned by Hexagon Group. He also spent a number of years in Oracle, in both sales and industry strategy roles within their Primavera division.

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