Implementing A PPM: Best Practices for Mitigating the Myriad Risks


Many organizations initiate digital transformation anticipating beneficial utilization will be realized in approximately one year. In reality, it is not totally unusual to not reach maturity for many years. Why so long? Poor implementation strategy, failure to embrace the effort in a holistic way and frankly organizational impatience.

This guidebook illustrates the substantial challenges an organization faces when it considers embracing a digital solution to the plethora of today’s business environment realities. It scrutinizes the many critical components – people, process, and technology issues – that will need to be delicately integrated throughout the journey toward successful digital transformation.

About the Authors

Lee R. Lambert is the CEO of Lambert Consulting in the U.S. His experience in providing consulting support to organizations from 23 countries has included implementation of four enterprise project management methodologies.

Fionán King is an accomplished senior IT professional with 20+ years of industry experience in leading large application and transformation programs in multinational environments; across the financial, government and Insurance sectors throughout North America, Australia, Canada, Italy, Ireland and New Zealand.