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Healthcare Project Management Software

All your data and docs are up to date and easy to access

Achieve strategic objectives with clear visibility across your organization person being pushed in wheelchair

More efficient use of resources

Thanks to improved capacity planning and resource management

healthcare project management software

Standardized processes

Everybody works the same way, using the one system

Everything in the one place

A lot of the costs in the healthcare sector come from simple, basic inefficiencies. Reports end up in the wrong place, or are not up to date. Documents go missing. And before you know it, minor discrepancies result in significant cost overruns.

Our healthcare project management solution solves all that. All your data and documents are consolidated and centralized within the one system. So everything is kept up to date, and in real time. It’s all there on your dashboard.

Aligning assets and resources

Providing quality healthcare is a constant challenge, especially in a world of spiraling costs and skilled labor shortages. So it’s vital that all your assets and resources are effectively deployed.

Our capacity planning will help you decide which projects you can afford to prioritize, and our resource management will help you deploy your resources and assets in the way that is most profitable.

healthcare project management software

One way of doings things

Healthcare depends on a wide variety of teams dispersed throughout the organization, all working on different tasks. And what everyone does needs to be recorded and reported on in the same, standardized way.

Which is exactly what our software solution does. So every single thing that’s done is immediately visible to everyone who needs to know about it.

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Your problems, our solutions

We understand your pains. For over two decades, we’ve helped organizations providing healthcare to operate in a more cost effective and in a much more efficient way.
The problem:
Too much time is spent producing reports
Our highly configurable suite of cloud-based reporting tools can be used to extract and publish information, in a variety of file formats, in just a few clicks. In addition, our embedded “BI” and analytics widgets will help you to spot issues instantly.
The problem:
Keeping projects on budget, on time
We make it easy to monitor and control your budget, schedule, progress, performance, and forecasting in a single, intuitive system.

What our clients say

"Cora gives people higher up the food chain, at program and portfolio level, an instantaneous view across all our projects as to where we are. It also allows issues and risks to be passed on up to the program and portfolio level if decisions need to be made, with automated reporting and linkage to the financial expenditure available as well. "

- Pat Davis, former Head of Program & Project Management, Health and Social Care Northern Ireland
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guide Complimentary guide

How to achieve best practice SPM in the delivery of public projects

Public sector expert Gerry Galvin examines how strategic portfolio management (SPM) is carried out, focusing on its application to the work programs of utilities and public bodies.
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