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Healthcare Project Management Software

Delivering successful project and programme management by enabling good governance controls, real-time reporting, and cross-team collaboration

Achieve strategic objectives with clear visibility across your organization person being pushed in wheelchair

Achieve strategic objectives with clear visibility across your organization

Ensure alignment of your projects with strategies and drive data within your organization

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Connect teams across departments & divisions

Develop collaboration between teams while ensuring efficient resource and capacity planning

A Dedicated Healthcare Project Management System

Our healthcare PPM solution will enable you to manage and evaluate a large number of projects by grouping them into strategic portfolios, supporting successful delivery. We can help you prioritize your key projects, and, crucially, ensure you keep on top of budget spend. With the ability to integrate a variety of delivery systems to share information, report to agencies, and provide health services to patients, Cora will bring untold calm and confidence to your team members and the way you provide your healthcare services.

Helping you on your journey

Our healthcare clients have encountered huge challenges in their operations over the years, including tackling vast organizational change programs and the confusion they can often unleash. It’s meant that we’ve had to be really imaginative in helping them along their journeys, bridging the chasm between high-level strategic vision and “in-the-trenches” implementations.

Your problems, our solutions

We understand your pains. For over two decades, we’ve provided project management tools to healthcare teams and providers. With each engagement, we’ve learned to surmount the diverse problems encountered by project managers.
The problem:
Too much time is spent producing reports
Our highly configurable suite of cloud-based reporting tools can be used to extract and publish information, in a variety of file formats, in just a few clicks. In addition, our embedded “BI” and analytics widgets will help you to spot issues instantly.
The problem:
Keeping projects on budget, on time
We make it easy to monitor and control your budget, schedule, progress, performance, and forecasting in a single, intuitive system.
Ready to see how it works?

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