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Support Service-Wide Delivery

Today, most healthcare organizations need to integrate a variety of delivery systems in order to share information, report to agencies and most importantly provide health services to their patients. Without the right projects and programs to carry them out, even the most forward-thinking strategies fail.

Cora Systems has been bridging the chasm between high-level strategic vision and “in-the-trenches” implementation to leading healthcare providers for many years. Cora Healthcare, Cora’s PPM solution, allows for healthcare networks to manage and evaluate a large number of projects by grouping them into strategic portfolios, supporting successful delivery.

Case Studies

Largest transformation program in the history of the Irish State 20 programmes | 500+ users | 1,000 projects

“The HSE has 120,000 staff. To have solid governance in the health service, you can only make good decisions when you have good information so our ability to see risks and issues across our programs reduces the amount of decisions that get elevated to the top. That’s the advantage of Cora.”

Joe Ryan,
Head of Programme for Health Service Improvement, HSE

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£10.6 million annual cost improvement programme
300+ users |100+ projects

“With Cora, we are managing, governing and reporting on our projects and programs through one common source so rather than having information spread across different servers and different departments across the whole organization we now have all of that information together in one place.”

David Bell,
Associate Director of Strategic Planning, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

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£27 million annual cost improvement programme
300+ users | 100+ projects

“Cora gives people higher up the food chain at program and portfolio level, an instantaneous view across all our projects as to where we are. It also allows issues and risks to be passed on up to the program and portfolio level if decisions need to be made with automated reporting and linkage to the financial expenditure as well.”

Pat Davis,
Former Head of Program & Project Management, Health and Social Care, NI

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£3.9 million annual cost improvement programme | 300+ users | 100+ projects

“If you can’t assure your Board, you can’t assure the regulator. Cora helps us assure our Board.”

Ifti Majid,
Chief Executive Officer, Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

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