How to Achieve Best Practice SPM in the Delivery of Public Projects

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In this in-depth exploration, Gerry Galvin, an esteemed authority in government and utility management, meticulously dissects the nuanced intricacies of best practice SPM. This comprehensive analysis zeroes in on the specific application of SPM within the operational frameworks of utilities and public bodies. As we delve into the realm of strategic portfolio management under Galvin’s expert lens, we gain a profound understanding of how this strategic approach is executed and how it strategically aligns with the complex work programs inherent in the domains of utilities and public services.

Gerry, leveraging his wealth of experience and expertise in government and utility affairs, unravels the layers of strategic portfolio management, shedding light on its tactical implementation within the multifaceted landscapes of utilities and public bodies. As we navigate through Galvin’s insightful examination, we explore the synergies and tailored applications of best practice SPM in addressing the unique challenges and priorities that define the work programs of entities operating in the public sector.

Join Gerry on this journey of exploration, where the intricate tapestry of strategic portfolio management is woven seamlessly into the fabric of government and utility work programs. Gain a deeper appreciation for the strategic foresight and meticulous planning required to optimize outcomes, enhance efficiency, and meet the diverse needs of communities through effective application of SPM methodologies in these critical sectors.

Gerry Galvin is a Professional and Technical Advisor with decades of experience in Ireland’s Civil and Public Service.

He is a former Chief Technical Officer of Irish Water. (Ireland’s national water utility provider) Before that he spent over 20 years in Ireland’s Department of Environment, Community & Local Government. Gerry served 10 years as the Principal Engineering Adviser in the Department’s water division. During that time he was responsible for capital project planning, implementation, and expenditure reviews.

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